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What is a pee trap?

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The drain under a sink when it goes thru the wall instead of the floor. If looked at from the side, it would look like a P.

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Can you unstop the kitchen sink through the pee trap?

Of course

How do you change a pee trap in sink?

Depends if the "P" trap is soldered, screwed or glued Depends if the "P" trap is brass, rubber, copper or PVC

What is the technical name for a sink pee trap?

water trap, vapor trap, P trap,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Plummers use all those, and everyone will know what you want. You need to know if its 1 1/4 or 1 1/2 inch.

How do you get rid of Pee trap odor in basement drain?

I had this problem too. Just pour bleach in toilet and flush.

Is pee trap to catch water not let smell back out?

A p-trap is designed to hold water and form a seal so the toxic sewer gases cannot enter the house, named for its P shape

What is a good trap to make to defend you and your friends fort and your sister keeps trying to destroy it?

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what is pee plyse pee?

a boul movement

Is a P trap necessary in sink drain?

Yes. It prevents sewer gases from entering by way of the water trapped at the elbow. Gases need an upflow which is eliminated by the P-Trap. It's not a pee trap, it's a p-trap. Yes you do need a p-trap. The p-trap holds some water in the trap to hold back the sewage gas from coming up through the sink. IN ADDITION: A P-trap can be used to unblock or unclog small blockages either in the drain pipe exiting the trap or the trap itself, because it holds water, by covering the plug, it works the same way as a plunger does and by squeezing it continuously it forms a suction drawing or pushing blockages, freeing them and pushing them further down the line until it is clear. It is useful to know when a plunger is not at hand.

What is a legal and commonly used trap bell trap S trap drum trap or P trap?

Which of the following is a legal and commonly used trap? bell trap S trap drum trap P trap

What is a legal and commonly used trap bell trap S trap drum trap P trap?

which of the following is a legal and commonly used trap? bell trap S trap drum trap or P trap

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How do you stop a leak above a trap?

Steam trap? Grease trap? moisture trap (drip leg)? Running trap? "P" trap? Drum trap. 1/2 S trap? sediment trap?

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yes there is toxins in your pee when you first pee.

What is the french word for pee-pee?


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Legal and commonly used trap?

P trap, Running trap, Grease trap , sediment trap,

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What is the minumim distance between pee trap and shower drain?

There is no min. only a max. The max is going to vary from state to state. Generally 24" should cover most codes.

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What is a legal and commonly used trap A Bell Trap b S trap c drum trap d P trap?

drum trap Decent codes will not allow a Bell trap, Drum trap, S trap The better codes allow a running or P trap

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