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What is a pelagic fish?

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Pelagic and Benthic are opposites

Benthic means living on the bottom

Pelagic means living in the water above the bottom

So pelagic fish make the open ocean their home. They swim continuously in open water, usually well offshore, they tend to be nomadic and do not remain in one area.

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What is an example of a pelagic fish?

Pelagic fish are fish that live in the pelagic zone, not the top or the bottom, of a body of water. Some of these fish are sharks, reef fish, herrings and sardines.

What do pelagic fish eat?

pelagic fish eat fish and plants. That makes them Consumers and Omnivors.

What is pelagic?

A pelagic fish lives near the surface of the water such as a herring or sardine

Demersal fish live near the bottom of water pelagic fish live higher up Which of these fish is pelagic rather than demersal?


What fish are considered demersal fish and what fish are considered pelagic fish?

Pelagic fish are fish that live in the water column of coastal, ocean, and lake waters, but not on the bottom. Demersal fish live on or near the bottom.

What kind of fish live in the Pelagic Zone?

Ribbon eel,live in a pelagic zone :)

Is barracuda a pelagic fish?

Yes, they migrate for reproduction, so might not always be pelagic.

Fish that live in the pelagic zone?

i do not no

Where are tuna fish located?

They are a Pelagic fish that roam the oceans.

What type of fish lives at the surface of the sea?

Pelagic fish

Do pelagic fish use countershading?


What are the predators of fang tooth fish?

Pelagic Fish such as Tuna, Albacore, and Marlin

What eats pelagic fish?

it eats sockeye salmon

What are some examples of pelagic fish?


What are peligic fish?

pelagic fish? Pelagic means open ocean so a pleagic fish lives in the ocean in the open ocean, good examples are tuna, marlin, swordfish, mahi mahi etc...

Types of pelagic fish?

ugly ones with BIG weiners!

What animals live in the pelagic zone?

Sharks, squids and fish

Fish that live in the sea?

The general category is called 'pelagic'.

Where did pelagic lobe finned fish lived?

It lived in water.

What is the top competition in the pelagic ocean?

The Pelagic ocean is the top part of the ocean where the fish swim around. The top competition in this part of the ocean is the shark.

What saltwater fish are considered demersal fish and what fish are considered pelagic fish?

Demersal - fish like flounder, catfish, stingrays, soles. Any fish that lives near the bottom of the water column. Pelagic - tuna, mullet, trout, redfish, sheepshead, drum. Any fish that swims around in the "middle" of the water coulmn. Not strictly on the bottom.

Is pelagic fish suitable for aquaculture?

I believe there are some fish farmers (marketers?) who have Tuna caught live and then keep and feed them in very large enclosures in the ocean prior to selling them in the Japanese live fish market. So it must be possible to keep some Pelagics this way but by their very nature Pelagic fish would not be a natural choice for fish farming. The problem with Pelagic fish being suitable for aquaculture is what they eat. They require high levels of protein for growth. Also, they have very specific amino acid requirements that are usually only met by fish meal. The amount of fish meal (and its cost) needed to feed them until they are market size makes most pelagic fish not a good choice.

What other organisms live with seahorses?

crabs, pelagic fish, and small sharks

Is a pacific sardine endangered?

No. This small, pelagic schooling fish is quite common.

Is the king mackerel a saltwater fish?

Yes, it is also a pelagic fish, has heaps of the good oils, and very good to eat.