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Two bones come together at a joint or articulation. There are many different types of joints such as the "hinge" joint, the "ball and socket" joint, the "ellipsoid" joint, and more. Prominent joints on the human body include elbows and knees.

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Where do your bones come toghether?

Bones come together at the joints!

What is the term meaning where two or more bones come together?

The common name for a place where two or more bones come together is a joint. In medical terms, it may be called a joint or an articulation.

What is the place where two bones are connected together?

The place where two bones are connected together is a joint

Is a joint a break in the bone?

A joint is the place where two bones come together. A fracture is a break in the bone.

What bones have fused together and are immovable?

The bones in the skull and the bones in the sacrum come to mind . . .

Where do bones come together but allow no movement?

The Joints , It where they come together to make you NOT a blob .

Coming together of two bones at a joint?

Where two bones come together or "join" is called a "joint".

What is it called when 2 bones in the skull come together?

the 8 cranial bones

Where are places where two bones come together?

The Joint

What do bones form when they come together?

joints or articulations

How many bones do a baby Have?

babes have 300 bones and we have 206 thats weird no its not its cool babes have more bones because there bones have not come together yet havnt you notice that babes have soft spots in there heads. Will because there bones havnt come together (YET)

How are bones connected together?

Bones are attached by ligaments ...Bones are attached by ligaments ... held in place by joints ...ANS2:Ligaments hold most joints together. Bones that don't move, like the bones of the skull are held together by what are called "sutures".

What is the point that two individual joints come together?

Two joints would never come together in a normal body. Two bones come together in a joint.

What structures are found where bones come close together?


Place where two or more bones are joined together?


What helps keep bones together and in place at the joint?

a Ligament

The place where two or more bones comes together is called a?


Where do two or more bones come together in the body?

When two or more bones come together , it is called a joint .For example elbow joint between humerus on one side while radius and ulna on other .

Is there as many joints in the body as bones?

Nope, a joint is where two bones come together, or articulate. So there are at least two bones for every joint.

What is the place where two plates come together known as?

A convergent boundary is the place where two plates come together.Convergent boundary

What is defined as the separation of two bones that come together to form a joint?

A dislocation is when two joint bones become separated.

What are your joint?

A joint is where any two bones in the body come together or articulate.

How many bones does an 11 year old have?

when you are born you have around 300 or 350. But when you are an adult you have 206. so your bones fuse (come) together and you lose 94 bones. But you don't exactly lose bones they just come together. And i would think an 11 year old would have about close to 300 but not to close.

What are tough bands of connective tissue that holds bones in place?

The tough band of tissue that holds the bones together are called ligaments.

What keeps your bones from rubbing together?

Cartliage and your bones keep your bones from rubbing together.

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