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A platform balance is an instrument to weigh things.

From (see link to the left):

The platform balance is a form of equal-arm balance in which two flat platforms are attached to the top side of the beam, one at each end. Such a balance has a rider, or weight, mounted on a bar that has a calibrated scale, is parallel to the beam, and connects the supports of the two platforms. This rider is moved along the bar, its edge marking decimal fractions of the unit weight.

See the Related Questions to the left for more information about how to weigh a sample on a balance.

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What is the use of a platform balance?

A platform balance is used to weigh things. Use the links to discover more information and to see images of the device.Platform Balance is an instrument to weigh thingsplatform balance- is used to weigh things.

What is the platform balance used for?

It is a scale or balance having a platform on which objects are weighed -it is also called a platform scale.

Parts and functions of a platform balance?

platform balance-it is used to weigh large masses of objects....

What is the function of flatform balance?

A platform balance is used to get the measurement of a certain object and its platform is used to carry heavy weights. It can be used either to balance or to scale an object.

What is the uses of platform balance?

Any balance is used for weighing.

Functions of platform balance?

A platform balance is used to measure the weight of objects in biology and chemistry labs. Specifically, platform balances are used to investigate the weight of an object to another.

What laboratory apparatus is used to measure mass?

tripple beam balance platform balance

The use of platform balance?

the platform balance is use to measure the mass

What is a laboratory platform balance?

laboratory apparatus used for getting the mass

Who invented the platform balance?

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Uses of platform balance?

A platform balance is used to weigh things. Use the links to discover more information and to see images of the device.Read more: What_is_the_use_of_a_platform_balance

What is platform beam balance?

it is a calibrated instrument used to measure the weight or mass of an object. sabot??

What are importance of platform balance?

Platform balance is a device that weights object that has a flat plate mounted above a balance beam. It is used to weight heavy objects, it also gives the exact weight of an object that is being weight and it allows large weight to be accommodated in a small space.

What laboratory apparatus used for weighing materials accurately in various containers or vessels?

platform beam balance

What is the function of a platform balance?

It is a weighing machine.

What is the function of platform beam balance?


What is the left arm pan of a platform balance used for?

The left pan of the balance can be used for counter weights. Another use might be to put an identical dish or beaker. Since taring can be error prone it would be better to counter balance.

What are the names to parts of a balance scale?

The main ones are: - weighing platform - device platform - beam

How do you use platform balance?

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How do you calibrate the platform balance?

The only way to correctly "calibrate" a balance is by the use of standard weights.

Who invented platform balance?

I Think ........ Dr. James Naismith

Parts and functions of platform balance?

The platform balance has the following main parts: beam, pillar, pan, scale and pointer. Its function is to compare the weight of two different objects with mass.

What is the function of platform balance?

it is use t0weight large masses object.

Uses of platform balance in laboratory apparatus?

The use of the platform balance in the laboratory apparatus is weigh the weight of different apparatus in the lab. This is very important especially in cases where very accurate weight is desired.

Why is a platform balance more accurate than a triple beam balance?

It is an opinion. If you like a platform balance, then it is more accurate to you. If you like a triple beam balance, then that is more accrate for you. It doesn't matter what other people say about it because you might think something else is more accurate. That is why this question is not answered.