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Ponkey(Pahn-kee) pän-kē/ alt. ponkay(pahn-kaay) pän-kâ

Noun. A ponkey is a magical, heavenly cross between a donkey and a pig (and P.M.W.R.). Seeing a ponkey (which is invisible) will grant you good luck and your true love will kiss you passionately eat your brains like a zombie. All ponkies are in people's heads. However, they tend to wander away often. consequences will be severe insanity, chalkboard obsession, non-stop blabbing, and Philippians. There are only two ways to get your ponkey back: 1) You must pray to the ponkey god (Hamily) every night. 2) You must do a religious ritual in which you wriggle you arms in an insane fashion towards a sane person's head. Then, you can steal their ponkey.

Board of ponkeys:

H.P. Creator of All Ponkeys Also entirely insane

E.B. Keeper of All Ponkies Slightly less insane than the rest but still quite insane

A.I. Keeper of Ponkey Records/secretary Insanity, 'nuff said.

P.M. & W.R. Inspiration for Ponkies

Ponkeyless people:

- Shafayet


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Q: What is a ponkey and who is it?
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