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What is a post test?

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It is a quiz befor the actual test to see how much you know.And also tests your knowledge

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What is pretext and post text loop processing?

It is 'pre-test' and 'post-test'.

What is the opposite of post-test?


When the POST test ran?

POST = Power On Self Test Kind of a dead giveaway...

Is the for loop a post test loop?

It can be a post test loopp or a pre test loop. It depends on the placement only.No, do-while is.

What is the opposite word of post-test?


Is a for loop a post-test loop?


How do you use posttest in a sentence?

Post test is not a single word. Example sentences: The post test results show a marked improvement for the semester. Our post test procedure is to call you for an interview within a week of testing.

What is the antonym for pretest?

It is a post-test

Is pre test and post test qualitative data collection?


What is the POST process?

post is power on self test and check the all components.

What words begin with post?

postpartum depression postman post hole post it note POST(power on self test) all i can think of

What is POST short for?

Power On Self Test

Do loops a post test loop?


What are a series of test performed at the startup BIOS?

POST (Power-On-Self-Test)

Why is the DO loop called a pre-test loop?

No reason. It is a post-test loop.

What is pre-test and post-test?

A pre-test evaluates your knowledge of a subject before you cover the material. It is often used to guide teaching. A post-test is given after the material is covered. Pre-tests are good for students to create at home after reading chapters, for example. If you can read the material and get a "passing score" on a pre-test you create, you have a much stronger chance of getting a higher score on a real pre- and post-test.

What is a full form of POST?

Power-on self-test

Do you have to pay to take the post office test?


How many questions are on the AAA post test?


The acronym POST refers to what?

Power on self test

Pre power on self test?

it is a process which happen before the Post (power on self test).

Is the immunochromatography is accurate test for hiv?

yes if the test perform after 3 months of post exposure.............

If you failed a drug test can you reapply?

If you failed a drug test for the Post Office for a job, can you reapply?

Is the OS moved into RAM during power-on self-test?

no. OS is after Bootup which is after POST.

What is a 2 hour post prandial test?

It is test for glucose and ref. range is 80-140mg/dl

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