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The thing that teachers use to get in to the website and buy things for there class ie skipping ropes not pads and may more
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What are teachers?

Answer . There are lot of teachers that are hired in The USA. Most of them are hired in Science and Mathematics. As for money which is a big issue for most of the teachers. Tachers doesn't really get that much. They start of with around $35to$40 thousand dollars depending on which state you teach ( Full Answer )

What do teachers do?

The daily life of a teacher is; . planning lesson plans . teaching children with many levels of learning . standing yard duty . going to meetings . filling out forms required by the state and the district . doing grades . grading papers . observation of student behavior and work . parent co ( Full Answer )

What does a teacher do?

A teacher teaches things from basic life skills to exotic arts. A teacher can be a mentor, a parent, a friend, or a hired professional. Teachers at schools generally teach the basics such as math, science, social studies, language arts, physical education, health, and social skills. For teachers who ( Full Answer )

What is a teacher?

A teacher is a person that shows and explains how to preform tasks that can later help people through their lives. Usually a teacher works at a school helping students between the ages of 4-20.

Is it right to call your teacher teacher?

Yes if it's okay with the teacher, especially if you're in kindergarten and can't remember your teacher's name.. No if it's not okay with the teacher.. I would ask first. It may be disrespectful. If the teacher says okay, be ready to be called student, green shirt boy, etc.

Why do teachers like to be a teacher?

1. Teacher wants to be teachers because that's what they are interested in and they really want to teach kids. 2. Teacher wants to be teachers becasue they like kids and want to stay around youg people. Many people become teachers because they like to influence people and they also like school an ( Full Answer )

What are teachers for?

To relay information which can be used to get decent examination results, securing a decent job. Also, teachers are to show you how to read, write, and not be an overall moron sucking on their thumb. Parents may be more fun (sometimes) but teachers are more knowlageable on a certain subject and know ( Full Answer )

What if there were no teachers?

The question speaks of something that by the nature of man is impossible. We are an inquisitive species, loving to learn, and we love even more being able to share it with others. Even animals "teach" their young. If all human teachers disappeared, new ones would take their place at once. The chang ( Full Answer )

What it there was no teachers?

If there were no teachers obviously there wood be no school and you wood not learn anything

What is swift code for Victoria teachers credit union?

VTCU's SWIFFT code is CTBAAU2S This is actually the SWIFT code for the head office of the Commonwealth Bank, which handles all telegraphic transfers for VTCU -- so remember to include the VTCU BSB (704 191) number in your transfer details to make sure your money gets through!

Who is the teacher in the da vinci code?

The Teacher is Leigh Teabing played by Sir Ian McKellan. Interestingly, the name Leigh Teabing is made up from 2 of the 3 authors who wrote the book The Holy Grail which covers a lot of the ideas used in the Da Vinci Code.

How can the word teacher be coded as 129?

There are a number of ways to encode teacher as 129. The following way works; however, is probably not easy to decode easily back to teacher:. Set the value of the vowels (a, e, i, o and u) to 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 * Set the value of consonants (b, c, d, f, ..., z) to 1, 2, 3, 4, ..., 21 * Add up the va ( Full Answer )

What is a power4bones password?

No one really tells their passcode as it is secret, because power4bones is a school resource. Also, after each year of power4bones, the password expires. Mine used to be 5jdmp8si but it's expired.

What do you have to do when your a teacher?

As a teacher you do lots of things. Here is a few plan lessons do lesson plans and turn in to the administration each week collect all supplies needed for each lesson stand yard duty have parent conferences fill out various forms for the school/state take attendance keep accurate records keep grade ( Full Answer )

Why to you have teachers?

Teachers are here for the purpose of sharing their information or skills with those who lack them.

How do you nominate teachers for teacher of the week?

So you you log into teacherweb.org. Once you get onto the home page there will be a navigation bar in the right hand-panel of your computer screen. From there you can choose the state your teacher is from, what school he/she teaches in, and what subject they teach. To ensure, this is not a case of i ( Full Answer )

What are all the power4bones id badge messages?

The first one is Bones need foods with calcium vitamin D and a lot other bone nutrients. The next one it weight bearing activities build strong bones so get moving! I forgot the third one. The lats one I know the first part Getting 4 milk... all I know hope I helped!

Is there dress codes for teachers?

Yes, they do. According to my form teacher in school, they actually have dress codes. This is why you do not see teachers wearing pyjamas to school.

What to say to a teacher on teachers' day?

I know your job is very difficult. I want you to know that I appreciate all of the efforts that you make to ensure that I get a good education.

Is it Art Teacher or Art teacher?

You do not have to capitilize Art or Teacher unless you are starting a sentence. For example: Mrs. Nelson is my art teacher. Another example: Art teachers are funny. You would not capitilize teacher if you start a sentence with it. Hope i helped!

Why do you have have Teachers?

So we can learn great skills to help us make our way through life, obtain good jobs. Teachers help us to understand what life is eventually going to throw at us and and to cope with any issues we face. Knowledge is Power to the Elbow!

How does dress code affect teachers?

The teachers have to show a good example and look professional, and this is better done with a dress code. Too much casual dress detracts from the teachers' professionalism.

Can a teacher replace a teacher?

That depends on the teacher's skills and the area that we aretalking about. But in general, no only a teacher, every person isreplaceable. The Owl Knowledge:The Owl Knowledge: The leading Tuiton Agency with numerous tutorsin Singapore.

Do you have to be a student teacher to become a teacher?

Yes, it is part of the teacher education program in colleges. The idea is that working with a master teacher that the student teacher can learn skills that they can use in the classroom when they start to teach. A person must finish a 4 year degree and do student teaching to meet the state requireme ( Full Answer )

What makes a teacher a good teacher?

I personaly think that when a teacher is understandable an when they appreciate your work that u do i think that makes a good teacher. And also if they accept that your trying and not make smart comments towards you. I'm a 9th grader and i think this is what make na great teacher

How do you get a mean teacher to be a nice teacher?

be very very nice to them. to whatever they ask. u know wat i meen, even help wipe the board clean! here is a list of helpful jobs: hand out books clean up after everyone make sure all the chairs are neatly in make sure the classroom looks spik and span! polish the floor be a VIP finish your work ma ( Full Answer )

What do teachers do when they are not teachers?

Once a teacher, always a teacher. Teaching is not something people do; it is who they are. True, there are some who are employed as teachers, who chose to get into the profession for what ever reason, but that fact alone does not make them a teacher. A teacher seeks to help others learn, not just to ( Full Answer )

What does a teacher have to do to become a teacher?

To become a teacher, one must get a 4-year teaching degree from an accredited college or university. In many states, a state test must be taken and passed after graduating, and certification from the state in which you want to teach must be obtained. In some states, in order to continue teaching, ( Full Answer )

What is the dress code for elementary school teachers?

Most school districts have an unwritten dress code for teachers. Teachers are adults and teaching is a professional job, so the people who teach know how to dress for the job. How a teacher looks is part of the teacher evaluation process. The basic dress code is to look good with a sporty/dressy cas ( Full Answer )

Why do teachers have teachers pets?

Teachers, no matter how hard they try not to, have teacher's pets because they are human. There are some students they will naturally like more than others, just like students like one teacher more than another. A really good teacher understands that and attempts to treat all students equally.

How do you get the answer out of your teacher?

You talk to them a little bit and if they dont tell you the answer then, then you get them again and tell them you dont know the answer and they will keep explaining it to you and eventually the answer will come out

Should teachers dress in a dress code?

teacher should have a dress code because it is unfair that teacher can were any thing they want while the students have to were uniform every and if they dont the students get in trouble.

What do teachers do on a Teachers' day?

"Teachers' Day" takes different forms in different countries. In the United States the day takes place during "Teacher Appreciation Week" which in 2013 takes place at the beginning of May. Students show their appreciation of their teachers, through small gifts and letters of appreciation.

Do teachers have a code of ethics?

In the Texas Administrative Code there is a Code of Ethics andStandard Practices for Texas Educators . The NationalEducation Association has a code of ethics for teachers. The Association of American Educators has a code ofethics for educators

Can my teacher in a non-dress-code school force me to wear certain clothing for a project?

Maybe. If your teacher is asking you to wear somethinginappropriate you have the grounds for a complaint, but if it ispart of the assignment it may teach you about the time and placeyou are studying about and it could be fun. Your teacher is tryingto have you learn (my guess it is in history) and to ( Full Answer )