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A power supply is a device that adjusts power to the right wattage and distributes the power with in the computer.


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What are the main function of a power supply unit (PSU) is to power the rest of the components of a computer. The PSU ensures that only the required voltages are supplied to different parts of the computer.

The PC power supply box's function is to supply the computer with power. Without the PC power supply box, the computer would not be able to turn on and off.

The power supply of the computer is where the electrical current from your outlet is sent and then dispersed throughout the components in your computer.

The function of the power supply is to convert wall current to the correct current for the computer and distribute power to all the internal computer components.

The function of a power supply in a computer is to give out power to you're hard drive, mother bored and DVD rom/roms. Without a power supply you're compter wont even start.

the computer power supply function is besides converting 120 volts to 12 volts to power each of your pieces of hardware inside your computer, such as cd rom, hard-drive etc.

The primary function of an uninterpretable power supply, or UPS, is to continue to give an electrical device, such as a computer, power when normal house power is disrupted. Normally the UPS only provides enough power to use the device long enough to properly shut it down.

It is to allow your computer to run without having to keep it charging right next to a socket all dayThe main purpose of a power supply is to distribute the right amount of power to all the components of a computer.

If it is a computer power supply it is the box that gives the computer its power from the outlet.

The job of a computer power supply is to give power to the computer even when it doesn't have any power. It is normally your adapter that comes with the computer.

The PSU (Power Supply Unit) is used in many computer systems and devices to give power to the computer. In desktop and tower computers, they are essential for functionality.

When your computer will not power on. When the cooling fan of the power supply has failed. When the amount of hardware in use in your case exceeds the power capability of your power supply.

A computer power supply takes the AC power coming from a wall socket, and then converts it into lower-voltage DC to power all the components inside. Almost every component of a computer will connect directly to the power supply, with the exception of smaller parts such as fans, which can pull power through the motherboard.

A PSU in a system unit is the power supply unit. It provides well-regulated power for the computer and its peripherals.

In order to supply power supply to your computer you would need an outlet plug near your computer. Then you can plug your computer into that and necessarily, use an extension.

The Power Supply (PSU) supplies power to the computer. It converts power from the wall (AC power) to DC POWER, which is the type of power computers use.

The "power supply" supplies power to a computer. A computer's power supply is a "switchmode power supply" responsible for converting the AC voltage from the wall into several DC output voltages.

You don't mention what function, so if it's just the "computing function" it needs a motherboard, CPU, RAM and power supply.

The Main difference between a Switched Mode Power Supply and an Uninteruptable Power Supply is the function. SMPS are like a conditioner of electricity supply for a building, house, etc. UPS are the emergency backup power supply for vital computer based systems

That would be the computer's "power supply". It has the same primary job as the power supply in everywall-outlet-powered TV, VCR, DVD player, radio, stereo, and microwave oven.

A computer power supply is used to provide power to a computer device. Every computer has one in order to operate. It comes in the form of a battery pack or adapter.

The power supply makes the computer run, without any type of power supply it would be impossible to run a computer. The mains power supply for a laptop and the power supply unit of a desk top, both convert the high AC voltage from the mains power and convert it to low voltage DC, for the electronics of a computer to use.

Power supply for computers is very important. A good power supply will give you a faster computer and will also be more efficient and use less energy.

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