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A primary school curriculum is the additional subjects you do in school as well as the core subjects, English, Maths and Science. e.g. Drama, music geography etc.

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Q: What is a primary school curriculam and a primary school syllabus?
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What is the syllabus of wb primary teacher exam?

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What is the latest syllabus of West Bengal primary teacher exam?

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Should sports and games be included in school curriculam?

they must have a better life.especially if he/she is a football player

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What are the barriers to the effective teaching and learning of Health and Physical education in primary school?

1. Bulky syllabus. 2. Lack of equipement. 3. Lack of space. (playground,...)

What are the important source of curriculam evaluation?

student ,teacher,educational experts,subject experts curriculam experts,plicy makers community,droupout sample,employers and entreprenuers

You want economics syllabus of junior college?

There is no standard syllabus for all schools. While similar, each school will have a general syllabus particular to itself. However, each professor can use their own syllabus and not the departments generic one.

What are the similarities between the school curriculum and the school syllabus?

Afzal ChhinaBoth are related with the targets and goals of teachers and students. Both complement each other. Both are concerned about what to teach and what to test. Curriculum is superset of syllabus. Curriculum gives birth to various syllabi.The similarity between the school curriculum and a syllabus is that both are outlines. A school curriculum is an outline of courses specific to a study whereas a syllabus outlines a specific study of a course.

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