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What is a private school?


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April 19, 2010 9:59PM


A secondary or elementary school run and supported by private individuals or a corporation rather than by a government or public agency.

they're WAY better, you learn WAY more but the children tend to be much more sheltered than public school students. and the grades usually go from preschool right through to grade 12, instead of elementary, Jr., and senior.

(English version of second paragraph)

American schools are very confusing. Private schools (in England) are the same as public schools, only you learn different lessons like Latin and tend to do a lot more sport (yes I am talking about my school here). The grading system is different. In English public schools you sometimes get grades as 7a or 3b depending on your year-in private schools you get the easy A+ or D-. The years are the same, Infants, Junior, Senior. But that's only the UK I'm talking about.