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What is a pro golfer?

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A professional Golfer is a very good golfer that does not follow the USGA and R&A Rules of Amateur Status. Basically, that is a golfer that accepts prize money at tournaments(ie Tiger Woods).

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Can a amateur golfer have a caddy who is a pro golfer?

Of course! if he wants to do it, he can, no matter if he's a pro or not.

Is Justin Timberlake a pro golfer?

Justin Timberlake is a pro golfer and plays golf very frequently.

When to become a pro golfer at what age?

A player can turn pro at any age.

Who is a pro callaway golfer?

Rocco Mediate, Phil Mickelson

Who is Cameron hooper?

He is the man the legend, soon to be Pro golfer.

Who was the tallest pro golfer?

Robert Karlsson, who stands at 6'5"

What is a expert golfer called?

A golf "pro" A scratch player

Name the first black professional-golfer.?

1954 - Harold Dunovant turned pro and was one of the first black golfers

Who is Anna rawson?

Anna Rawson is a sexy pro lpga golfer

Does a pro golfer or pro tennis player make more money?

It depends on which one wins more often.

What is the dress code for a pro golfer?

A pro golfer usually wears golf pants, a golf shirt, and golf shoes. Some will also wear a hat and gloves. Certain courses have specific dress codes.

What is another name for a career golfer?

"Pro" (are you doing the same cryptic crossword as me?)

What are the Odds of being a pro golfer?

The odds of becoming a pro golfer are non existent, you could turn professional right now, whatever your handicap- there is no necessary qualifications. However, the odds of making it as a pro golfer are a lot smaller as there are hundreds of thousands of golfers at scratch or better worldwide, so it depends how good you are, and how good you become. You have to be real honest with yourself and decide if you have what it takes.

What classes do you need to take in high school to be a professional golfer?

A professional golfer needs no formal education at all. If you get to around +3 or so you could simply decide to turn pro. Though, there is no handicap limit at which you can turn pro.

Did Tiger Woods work before he turned a pro golfer?

There are no reports that Tiger Woods ever worked before he turned pro.

Where does Pro golfer Justin Leonard come from?

Dallas, in Texas, in United States of America

Who would sponsor a pro golfer?

Nike, pretty much. they sponger Tiger Woods.

What pro golfer use Adam golf clubs?

Burnard langer on the champions tour.

Who is alvril lavigne married to?

Steve McVeigh was born in Nebraska and is an artist and pro golfer

Who is Venus married to?

Venus Williams isn't married, but her fiance is Hank Kuehne, a pro golfer.

What Pro golfer loses arm in accident?

Jack Newton: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jack_Newton

Average pro golfer salary?

£2.00 a minute whats that euros ??????????????? we need american money

Does Tiger Woods travel a lot?

yes. because he is a pro golfer, he travels very often.

What is the salary of pro wakeboarders?

it's like asking the salary of a pro golfer, or skiier. it varies depending on how often they compete, their commercial involvement, and how good they are.

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