What is a puckle gun?

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An early form of machine gun designed for shipboard defense invented by James Puckle in 1718.

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Q: What is a puckle gun?
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Related questions

Where was the puckle gun invented?

London, England, in 1718 by James Puckle.

Where was the puckle gun made?

England, in 1718. Search Wikipedia for James Puckle.

Who inveted gun?

The person is James Puckle. This was in 1718. He called it "The Puckle Gun," a tripod-mounted- single new invention, The "Puckle Gun" was demonstrated right after he tested it. That's pretty much all there is to it.

What calibers were puckle guns?

The Puckle Gun had a bore of 1.25 inches, or 32 millimetres.

When was the puckle gun made?

Patented in 1718.

What was the puckle gun made of?

Iron and steel

What was the puckle gun?

It was a gun designed by James Puckle, and considered, by some, to be the first machine gun. Try an internet search for the term and you'll find several articles on it.

Where was James puckle born?

James Puckle was the inventor of the Puckle defense gun. He was born in Norwich, United Kingdom in 1667 and died in London in 1724.

Who made the first revolver gun?

Mr. James Puckle (no, did not make that up) in 1718. It was a cannon with a revolving breech. Do a computer search for "Puckle Gun" and enjoy.

Why did James puckle invent the machine gun?

For the same reason that most inventors create things- to make money from the sale of the thing. The Puckle Gun wasn't actually a machine gun, though.

A story why the puckle gun helped who the people who used it?


What country invented the machine gun?

Britain. The first known ancestor of multi-shot weapons was created by James Puckle (a London lawyer) who patented "The Puckle Gun" on May 15th 1718

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