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Q: What is a pure substance that melts at 38 degree Celsius?
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What temperature will liquid sodium evaporate?

pure sodium melts at 97 degree celsius and boils at 882 degree celsius but no idea of evaporating temperature.......

Waxy material that melts gradually starting at 52 Celsius and finishes at 65 is it a pure substance mixture?

It's a mix (probably an alloy), a pure substance has a single melting point.

Why is it that the -40 degree Celsius equals the -40 degree Fahrenheit?

That is pure coincidence.

What is the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of a certain mass of a substance by 1 degree Celsius?

The heat capacity of a substance is the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of a defined amount of pure substances by one degree (Celsius or Kelvin). The calorie was defined so that the heat capacity of water was equal to one.

What is the pH of pure water at 70 degree Celsius?


Sodium chloride melting point reduced by adding calcium chloride?

Yes, a mixture containing 42% NaCl and 58% CaCl2 melts at about 590 Celsius while pure sodium chloride melts at about 800 Celsius.

What is freezing point of pure water?

0 degree Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Which is a larger change in temperaturea change of 1 Celsius degree or 1 Fahrenheit degree explain?

1 Celsius degree.A Celsius degree is 1/100 of the difference between the melting and boiling points of pure water whereas a degree Fahrenheit is 1/180 of the same range.

What is the most dense pure water at 1 degree Celsius pure water at 4 degrees or seawater?

Seawater, then pure @ 4 degrees C.

How can you tell a pure substance from a mature by its boiling point?

take water for example, if water boils at 100 degrees Celsius then it is pure. if the boiling temperature turns out to be higher or lower (most of the time it is higher) then a substance is impure. salt water boils at 102.8 degrees Celsius.

What is a 100 degree celsius?

212 Fahrenheit It is the boiling temperature of pure water under one atmospheric pressure

Is acetone a pure substance or mixture?

pure substance, propanone