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A quadruped is an animal that normally walks or runs on four legs.

The word comes from the Latin words quad (four) and ped (foot).

A quadruped is a land mammal that walks on four feet.

The term "quadruped" has its root in Latin language - "quad" meaning "four," and "ped" meaning "feet" - so the term literally means "four feet."

Most animals that walk are considered quadrupeds, although it's important to note that not all four-limbed vertebrates - also known as tetrapods - fall into the quadruped category.

Humans, for instance, have four limbs, but only two of those limbs are used for walking, therefore humans fall into the category of a biped - an animal that uses two legs to travel. Notably, birds are also considered bipedal.

The word "quadruped" is from the Latin words quad (four) and ped (foot). A quadruped is any four-legged animal.

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It is anything with four legs or wheels eg. A car and a dog

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Q: What is a quadruped?
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Is quadruped German?

Adjectivequadruped = vierbeinigquadruped = vierfüßigNounquadruped = Vierbeinerquadruped = Vierfüßerquadruped = Vierfüßler

A sentence using the word quadruped?

A quadruped naturally outruns a biped. Even a sloth is a quadruped. A cheetah is also a quadruped.

What is a good sentence for quadruped?

My dog is a quadruped.

Was a triceratops a bi-ped or a quadruped?

It was a quadruped.

Can you use a sentence with he word quadruped in it?

A quadruped is an animal that has four feet. Stan drew a picture of a dog, which is a quadruped.

Horse is to quadruped as human is to?

Horse is to quadruped as human is to biped.

What is a sentence for quadruped?

The quadruped lumbered slowly across the road.

Is a pig a biped or a quadruped?

quadruped, because it walks on four legs.

Is a rabbit a biped or a quadruped?

Rabbits have four feet so quadruped.

Is a pig a biped quadruped?

Biped means two legged. (Bi=2) Quadruped is four legged. ( Quad=4) So a pig is a quadruped.

Is a rectangle quadruped?

No. A rectangle is a geometric shape whereas a quadruped is a four-legged animal.

How many faces has a quadruped animal?

One normally, Quadruped means using four legs.

What is the root of the word quadruped?

The root of the word quadruped is ped, which is the latin root word for foot.

How can you tell if a animal is biped or quadruped?

look at how many feet it has. two=biped. four=quadruped

What is the difference between a quadruped and a biped?

A biped walks on two limbs and a quadruped walks on four.

Is a horse a quadruped?

Yes. A "quadruped" (Latin having four feet) is any animal with four legs.

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Is a horse a quadrope?

no it is a quadruped

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Are horses quadrupeds?

Yes. The word "quadruped" is from the Latin words for "four feet". A quadruped is any four-legged animal.

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