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What is a quadruped?

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2018-02-18 09:18:10

A quadruped is an animal that normally walks or runs on

four legs.

The word comes from the Latin words quad (four) and

ped (foot).

A quadruped is a land mammal that walks on four feet.

The term "quadruped" has its root in Latin language - "quad"

meaning "four," and "ped" meaning "feet" - so the term literally

means "four feet."

Most animals that walk are considered quadrupeds,

although it's important to note that not all four-limbed

vertebrates - also known as tetrapods - fall into the quadruped


Humans, for instance, have four limbs, but only two of those

limbs are used for walking, therefore humans fall into the category

of a biped - an animal that uses two legs to travel. Notably, birds

are also considered bipedal.

The word "quadruped" is from the Latin words quad (four) and

ped (foot). A quadruped is any four-legged animal.

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