What is a reflective paper?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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A reflective paper is more or less a reflection or expression of a book or article that was read. A reflective paper includes a person's point of view in regards to the feelings they might have had after reading a given book or article.

answered by Kshitij Gambhir who goes to the school called isaa in Aarhus, Denmark

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Having taught high school writing, I sometimes had my students write a reflection paper, meaning that the paper needed to reflect your inner self. The paper reflects who you are.

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Q: What is a reflective paper?
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Is there a example of how a reflection paper is suppost to be like?

Reflective essays are a form of writing that examine and observe the progress of the writer's individual experience. Diary entries, if they are more than just short sentences, can be considered a form of reflective paper.

How do you write a reflective paper without using I?

try explaining it like a fact, not as an opinion.

What is a self reflective paper?

A self-reflective paper is a form of writing where the writer examines their thoughts, feelings, and experiences related to a certain topic or event. It involves analyzing and critically reflecting on personal experiences and how they have shaped one's beliefs, values, and behavior. The goal is to gain insight into oneself and promote personal growth and development.

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What is a thesis statement in a reflective essay?

A thesis statement in a reflective essay states the main point or argument you will be making in your paper. It should be a brief and specific statement that gives the reader an idea of what your essay will focus on and what you aim to achieve through your reflection.

What is reflective writing?

Writing where you meditate on a specific topic through the written word. It involves deep, critical thinking put down on paper

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