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The Registry is the central storehouse for all settings for the Windows operating systems. This includes hardware configuration, file associations, and control panel settings. Many other programs will also store settings in the registry. The registry is made up of "Keys". Each key is like the branch of a tree. Each key has one parent key, and zero or more child keys. Each key can contain zero or more "Values", each of which contains a single piece of data.

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Q: What is a registry value?
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The lowest hierarchical level in a registry is the?


What is the value data for AltDefaultUserName?

The value for that registry is usually the last user profile login

What cisco command shows value of confing registry?

#show version

What are registry errors?

The Windows Registry is a collection of data used to store information about Windows, Windows applications, and hardware. A registry error will typically fall into one of two categories: # Missing value - A program is trying to retrieve a value from the registry, but that value does not exist. # Incorrect value - A program is retrieves a value from the registry, but the value has been changed to be something it should not be. A registry error is an error that occurs when the computer encounters a problem with some of the system files which are called registries. These registries are edited quite often and so errors can occur every so often. Programs such as Norton 360 fix registries so they are easily run by the computer. Be careful however as there are a plentiful amount of programs out there that 'claim' to be proper programs but in fact they can contain viruses or 'scareware'.

How is the Windows registry organized?

The registry is organized into keys and sub keys. Each key contains a value entry, and has a name, a type or class, and the value itself. The name is a string that identifies the key. The length and the format of the value depends on the data type.

How can modify registry value?

Search for the key and when you find it double click on it. And you need to do.

What part of the Windows Registry contains the user's password file?


What is the functionality of registry cleaner?

The functionality of a registry cleaner is to optimize Windows registry, remove unwanted entries from registry, and fix errors caused by the registry.

What is registry booster?

registry booster is to clean up ur registry

How do you delete registry?

Registry cleaner software is best for this remove or delete registry files.......

How does the kernel use the registry?

Kernel is the most important file in the registry. Registry Cleaners is the best solution to clean registry.

What is the registry on a motherboard?

There is no "registry" on a motherboard. The Windows Registry is stored on the hard drive.

How effective is a freeware registry cleaner at cleaning the registry on your computer?

A freeware registry cleaner is very effective at cleaning the registry on your computer. They can completely clean out a registry easy and it is safe.

How do you add entries to the registry using vb6?

VB6 has some basic registry commands built in. These only affect the current user (They use the HKEY_CURRENT_USER tree), but are more than enough for storing settings, etc. To get a setting from the registry : sVar = GetSetting("AppName", "Section, "Key", ["Default Value"]) To save a setting to the registry : SaveSetting "AppName", "Section", "Key", sVar These will create a new string registry key HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\AppName\Section\Key with sVar as it's value. If you want any more 'proper' registry access, you need to use the Windows API. There are some good code samples & drop in modules at DevX if you need them.

Ranking of registry cleaners?

Registry cleaners can be ranked in a number of ways. Most registry cleaners have been ranked in terms of the number of registry errors they catch in the computers. There are many good registry cleaners available such as RegInOut Registry Optimizer, Registry Defense, Ccleaner and many others. However, according to many users onservation RegInOut Registry Optimizer finds the maximum number of registry errors in the computer.

What does cleaning a registry do?

Registry cleaner softwares are available to clean registry. Cleaning the registry means fixing errors and invalid entries that is accumulated on the windows registry which will help to speed up PC.

WHen double click cannot open other drives then C other drives display oriental characters when right click on them?

To resolve this problem, edit the registry to set the value data for the Default string value in the registry keys that are described in the "Cause" section of this article to none:1.Start Registry Editor (Regedt). START -> RUN -> [type] regedit -> hit Enter2.Locate and then click the Default value under the following keys in the registry if this problem occurs with folders:HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Directory\shellIf this problem occurs with drives:HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Drive\shell3.Click Modify on the Edit menu.4.Type none in the Value data box, and then click OK.5.Quit Registry Editor.Any Problems......mail merahul_fj@live.comalways happy to help

What is a ship's registry?

what is a ships registry? and why is it important?

How do you edit system registry entries and what are the precautions must be taken to safe delete unwanted entries from registry?

You can edit registry but it is recommended that you do not edit registry if you are not a programmer because editing registry incorrectly can cause havoc.

Error- you don't have privillages to edit registry?

Registry is the crucial part of windows. You should not edit registry as it may corrupt your windows. You can clean your registry without going there. This is possible only with registry cleaner.

What is the registry key to disable the task manager users tab?

The Users tab is visible only if XP has following registry key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\Cu rrentVersion\Winlogon\AllowMultipleTSSessions" with type REG_DWORD and with value 1. Removing that key or changing value to 0, the Users tab will disapear.

What are empty registry items?

What are empty registry items?

What rhymes with registry?

There are no perfect rhymes for the word registry.

What is redundancy in registry?

Same Key exists in the registry

How do you identify the register variables?

Registry variables can be identified with registry allocation. The programmer will decide on the variables that need to be assigned to the registry, and variables not assigned to the registry will be held in RAM.