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monastery, priory

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Q: What is a religious community of monks called?
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What are monks of Tibet called?

The monks of Tibet are called Tibetan monks in English. In Tibetan they may be called choden 'religious' or chodak 'Dharma spreader.'

What were religious communities for monks called?


Buddhist holy men who led resistance against government in Vietnam?

They were called, "Monks", religious priests.

What is a group monks called?

There is no known special name for a group of monks. A monk is a singular term and when multiple monks are present an "s" is added to make the word monk plural which is monks.

What is a building for a community of nuns and monks?

A religious community of nuns is a convent.

What does the word monasteries mean?

Monasteries are buildings or communities where monks or nuns live and practice religious life. They often serve as places of prayer, work, and communal living dedicated to following a specific religious rule or tradition.

How were monks and monasteries alike?

Monks were, and are, men who are devoted to religious life. They live in buildings called monasteries. So monks are people are monasteries are buildings, so in that way they are not alike at all.

What is a small religious community called?

A small religious community is typically referred to as a cult or sect.

What is female monk?

A female monk is a woman who belongs to a religious order and has taken vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, typically living a dedicated spiritual life in a community setting. In some traditions, they may be referred to as nuns rather than monks.

Did monks live in religious communities where they tried to live a spiritual life apart from the temptations of the world?

Yes, that is pretty much the definition of a monk or a hermit. Monks live in community, hermits live solitary lives.

What does this word mean Monasteries?

1. a house or place of residence occupied by a community of persons, especially monks, living in seclusion under religious vows. 2. the community of persons living in such a place.

What is a community of monks?

Any group of Buddhists (Monks/Nuns or lay people) who study and practice together is called a Sangha. If they lived together in a monastic setting then the building is called a monastery.