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A ridge of earth along a river that prevents flooding is called a levee. A levee is a long ridge of sand, silt and clay built up by a river along its banks.

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Q: What is a ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers?
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What is watershed in your own words?

An area or ridge of land that separates waters flowing to different rivers, basins, or seas.

How can you use Continental Divide in a sentence?

The Continental Divide marks the high ridge in North America that separates waters flowing into the Pacific Ocean from those flowing into the Atlantic Ocean.

How do the Rocky Mountains affect the rivers of his region?

In North America a high ridge of the Rockies know as the the great divide separates the the waters flowing west toward the Atlantic Ocean.

What do paddlefish eat?

in the slow flowing waters of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers

Where does rivers start?

The source or headwaters of a river or stream is the place from which the water in the river or stream originate. These sources are usually small springs found high up in the hills or mountains and near to what is called a drainage divide - a ridge of ground which separates land drainage systems with the waters on one side flowing to a different destination to the waters on the other.

What is the difference between a water table and a watershed?

A watershed is an area land from which water ultimately drains into a major river, which then dumps into the ocean or sea. A water table is the level below which the ground is saturated with water.

A river and its tributaries are?

the main river and all of its tributaries are called a river system. The land drained by the river system is called a drainage basin. Drainage basins are separated by the high land in between, known as a divide or watershed.

How is brahmputra is different from North Indian rivers?

The waters of the River Brahmaputra are shared by China,India, and Bangladesh while the waters of North Indian rivers are used by India only.

Why do frogs only live in rivers?

Actually they don't all live in rivers but some species do because they have adaptations wich make them thrive best in larger, flowing waters like rivers. The posess for example large interdigital webbing.

What is the habitat of a carp fish?

The habitat of carp is Stillwater,canals,slow-flowing rivers.

How did the rivers benefit the people of the region?

Rivers have been considered the reasons why civilization first begun. The flowing waters allowed agriculture to thrive as well as supporting an ecosystem of plants and animals that humans can also use as resources.

What are the antonyms for still?

Movement flowing[as in waters] active fidgety