What is a river strainer?

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Strainers are formed when an object blocks the passage of larger objects but allows the flow of water to continue - like a big food strainer or colander. These objects can be very dangerous, because the force of the water will pin an object or body against the strainer and then pile up, pushing it down under water. Strainers are formed by many different objects, like storm grates over tunnels, trees that have fallen into a river ("log jam"), bushes by the side of the river that are flooded during high water, or rebar from broken concrete structures in the water. In an emergency it is often best to try and climb on top of a strainer so as not to be pinned against the object under the water. If you are in a river, swimming aggressively away from the strainer and into the main channel is your best bet. If you cannot avoid the strainer, you should swim hard towards it and try to get as much of your body up and over it as possible.
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How do you clean a strainer?

To sanitize anything, you must either clean it with chemicals orimmerse it in very hot water for a long period of time. To removephysical debris, soak it in warm water and the

What is a strainer used for?

A strainer is an equipment mostly used in kitchens to separate unwanted materials or solids in liquid or it is used to sift flour.

What is the use of strainer?

a strainer traps particles to separate them out from the liquid you are using, this prevents the "bits" from fouling or wearing out parts in the system in plumbing, for exampl

What are strainers?

They are somthing you put a food you were boiling in it (like pasta) and it gets the water out but doesn't harm the food. :)

What is Y Strainer?

u simply called a filtration device, which use ss screen to filter the water before going to the system.

What is a strainer on a river?

Mechanical or electrical? By imposing electrical signals (short high impulse energy peaks), barriers can be constructed to keep fish and other vertebrates from passing the ba

What are the dangers of strainers?

The dangers of most pool strainers is that small children can getlegs and feet sucked into them and get stuck. The strainermanufacturers need to put smaller guards on the stra

What are the uses of strainer?

A strainer is used to seperate solids from liquids, for example atea strainer would be used to remove tea leaves from tea.
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How do you care for a strainer?

Wash it thoughly after each use with hot soapy water and let it air dry before putting it away to keep it from rusting.