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What is a river strainer?

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Strainers are formed when an object blocks the passage of larger objects but allows the flow of water to continue - like a big food strainer or colander. These objects can be very dangerous, because the force of the water will pin an object or body against the strainer and then pile up, pushing it down under water. Strainers are formed by many different objects, like storm grates over tunnels, trees that have fallen into a river ("log jam"), bushes by the side of the river that are flooded during high water, or rebar from broken concrete structures in the water. In an emergency it is often best to try and climb on top of a strainer so as not to be pinned against the object under the water. If you are in a river, swimming aggressively away from the strainer and into the main channel is your best bet. If you cannot avoid the strainer, you should swim hard towards it and try to get as much of your body up and over it as possible.


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What is the danger of a strainer in a river?

Strainers can trap boats and knock boaters overboard.

As Big as a biscuit deep as a cup even a river cant fill it up?


When boating on a river What is the danger of a strainer?

Strainers can trap boats, and throw boaters overboard.

What is the term used for river obstructions that allow water to flow through but block vessels?


What is 'strainer' in Italian?


Big as a biscuit deep as a cup even a river can't fill it up - what is it?

A sieve (possibly a strainer)

What is a strainer post?

A strainer post is a fence post.

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A micro strainer is a way of boiling things.

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First you have to buy a pasta strainer from the store. Next you put the strainer in the sink then you pour the pasta and water into the strainer. Finally you scoop the pasta out of the strainer and put it in your bowl!

What are the uses of strainer?

A strainer is used to seperate solids from liquids, for example a tea strainer would be used to remove tea leaves from tea.

How do you Clean the strainer?

Fuel strainer in the fuel tank? Replace it with a new one.

What is the function of a strainer?

the strainer is used to strain things such as liquid or fine particles

What is the difference between an English tea strainer and a regular tea strainer?

A tea strainer is used to catch tea leaves when pouring. There isn't a difference between an English tea strainer and a regular one, they are the same thing.

What is the difference between strainer and filter?

Filter is a finer version of strainer or strainer is a coarser version of filter. If particle size to be filtered>200 mesh, then its the job of strainer If particle size to be filtered<200 mesh, then its the job of filter

How do you remove old tub strainer from a porcelain tub?

With a tub strainer dumbell wrench.

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You're not gonna find a strainer on that car.

Are Basket strainer used at the top or bottom?

On floor and roof drains on the bottom (under the dome /strainer)

What is a difference of single basket strainer and double?

single basket strainer is used for filtering at one stage,ehile double strainer is used for filtering at both sages ,i.e coarse and fine

Is a strainer a colander?


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What is a strainer used for?

A strainer is an equipment mostly used in kitchens to separate unwanted materials or solids in liquid or it is used to sift flour.

How do you cure blood cancer?

By draining the blood into a strainer, and the cancer cells will be left in the strainer. Return filtered blood to body. The end.

Will a metal mesh strainer dipped in a vinegar pickling solutions be harmful when pickles are eaten?

No. Just ensure that your strainer does not have any rust on it.

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