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What is a room in a ship called?

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Traditionally, cabin, however modern cruise ships rooms are called staterooms.

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Which is called the engine room in ship?

It's called the engine room.

What is called a room on a ship?

a cabin

A room on board a ship?

On a cruise ship it is called a cabin or berth. On a military vessel or merchant ship it is called a compartment.

What is a private room of a ship called?

is it an cabin

What is the room on a ship where meals are cooked?

It is called a Galley

What is a room on the ship called?

Quarters if its a place to sleep or a cabin. The kitchen is called a galley.

What is a private room on a ship?

A private room on a ship is a cabin.

A small room especially in a ship for officers and passengers?

On military vessels the room where the officers met and ate their meals is called the Ward Room.

What if a tornado hits a ship?

The safest place on a ship during a tornado (or waterspout as they are called on a body of water) would be an interior room in the ship away from windows.

Where do people on a ship eat?

Typically, people on a ship eat in the dining hall, often called a mess hall.

What is a ship's TV room called?

Crew lounge, ship lounge, t.v. lounge.

What is a room on a ship called?

Typically a space is referred to as a compartment. The place were one sleeps can be referred to as one's quarters, cabin or state room. Kitchens are called galleys. Bathrooms are called heads.

Where is the bridge of a ship?

The bridge of a ship is the room or platform from which the ship can be commanded.

Did slaves have their own room?

No, slaves did not have there own room, whether they were on a slave ship, or in those tiny little huts the plantation owners called "houses".

Why is a ship called she?

A ship called she because a ship is always WET

What is a room on board a ship?

The room is commonly known as a cabin.

How do you name your room on miniplanet?

you just get a ship and put it in your room

The northern ironclad ship was called this?

The Confederate ship was called the Merrimack and the Union ship was called the Monitor.

A private room on a ship?


Where is the waterstone in the abandon ship?

in the room

What do you call the room that house the steering of the ship?

Steering gear room

What is it called when you give a ship a name?

It is called "christening" the ship. When a ship is named, it is "christened."

What do you call the control room on a cargo ship?

There are several control rooms on a cargo ship. The bridge is in control of safely navigating the vessel. There will be an engine control room, called an ECR, EOS, or any of a number of abbreviation, and if the vessel is carrying liquid cargo, such as a oil tanker, there will also be a Cargo Control Room.

What is rockhoppers ship called?

his ship is called the MR. migrator

What is a ship steerers called?

Ship steerers are called helms.

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