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What is a rush card?


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A visa, debit, credit card.


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The promotional code is BET for rush card.

A referral for rush card can be found by typing in: get5free in the referral box.

There are debit card loans, but they are basically payday advances.

I would recommend the Prepaid Visa Rush Card. You can have your paycheck automatically deposited. You can use their discount card and save 85%. You can use the Prepaid Visa Rush Card worldwide.

Can I get a loan with rushcard if I receive direcr deposit

Russell Simmons offers a card called the rush card. You can sign up on the site and also receive and additional $5.

people started to use his rush card which he invented

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NFL Rush Zone Season of the Guardians - 2010 Wild Card 32 Guardians 0 was released on: USA: October 2013

The youngest you can be is 13, but you do need a parental consent form if you are under 18.

The Rush Card is the brainchild of Russell Simmons and it really only benefits him not you. accepts rushcard loans.

sign up now with referral code: get5free and earn $5 free dollars!

The best deal on a prepaid credit card right now is the Rush Card. They offer the best rates on a prepaid credit cards as of right now.

Whether all colleges/ universities in USA accept rush shipping of SAT scores? whether credit card payment can be made in USA for the student registering from Kenya?

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According to my sources the min. age you need to be to own a rushcard is 13 years old with a parents consent 18 years or older.

RushCard doesn't offer Prepaid loans, however you can transfer money over from a different RushCard (RushCard Card to Card transfer). If you have any additional questions please feel free to reach out to RushCard customer care - Community @

Accoding to one Prepaid Debit Card Company I checked with They say no. I however am skeptical, It's the IRS we are talking about. IF there is a money trail and they want it I'm sure they can access it. Beware.

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