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students may leave their home around5 or 6 in the morning and ride the triain for an hour or so depending on how far they live and enter school. the classrooms are rather small. when the teacher enters the room all the students rise and bow to their teacher to show respect. The day is filled with complex studies on class is English. after school (students eat lunch in the cafeteria) students are in assigned groups that receive chores to clean the room or bathrooms. there are after school activites and clubs. Often a student is in some study group that goes until 7 at night.


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In Japan, school starts at 7:45am and ends at 7:45 pm.

The Randoseru is a backpack like piece of school equipment from Japan.

In Japan year comes first, then month and day, it goes like this. 2009/7/1

Sometime you have to go to school because veterns day is not like a special holiday like Christmas,Valentine day,Fathers Day, and Mothers Day

Kids in Japan get up go to school come home eat super then go to bed. I think

White day is March 14th in Japan.

in japan at what age do kids start school

American School in Japan was created in 1902.

Try the link below to a Manga school in Japan .

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No, Japan does not recognize Boxing Day as a holiday. It is a normal working day there.

Well in Japan you take your black shoes off before going in the classroom and you wear slippers. Also in Japan, you have Junior School, Middle School and High School. At the start of class you bow to the teacher before you start and your lunch is delivered to you in the middle of the day so you can have warm noodles and soup. Obento Lunch is a very popular lunch in Japan as well.

There are international school spread all over the world with children from many different countries go to or the kids go to Japanese schools which makes them learn the language quicker.There is also (wiki):The American School in Japan (ASIJ) was founded in 1902 and is an international private day school located in the city of Chōfu, Tokyo, Japan. The school consists of an elementary school, a middle school, and a high school, all located on the Chōfu campus.

New years!*** Observed Days ***-----------------------------------------------------------Country Event 2010-----------------------------------------------------------Japan New Year's Day Fri, Jan 1Japan Bank Holiday Sat, Jan 2Japan Bank Holiday Sun, Jan 3Japan Seven Herbs Festival Thu, Jan 7Japan Coming of Age Day Mon, Jan 11Japan Setsubun-no-hi Wed, Feb 3Japan National Foundation Day Thu, Feb 11Japan Peach Festival Wed, Mar 3Japan White Day Sun, Mar 14Japan Vernal Equinox Sun, Mar 21Japan Spring Imperial Festival Tue, Mar 23Japan Hanamatsuri Thu, Apr 8Japan Showa Day Thu, Apr 29Japan Constitution Memorial Day Mon, May 3Japan Greenery Day Tue, May 4Japan Children's Day Wed, May 5Japan Mother's Day Sun, May 9Japan Father's Day Sun, Jun 20Japan Tanabata Wed, Jul 7Japan Marine Day Tue, Jul 20Japan Disaster Prevention Day Wed, Sep 1Japan Chrysanthemum Day Thu, Sep 9Japan Respect for the Aged Day Mon, Sep 20Japan Autumnal Equinox Thu, Sep 23Japan Health and Sports Day Mon, Oct 11Japan Culture Day Wed, Nov 3Japan Shichi Go San Mon, Nov 15Japan Labour Thanksgiving Day Tue, Nov 23Japan Sosuharai Mon, Dec 13Japan Emperor's Birthday Thu, Dec 23Japan Grand Last Day Fri, Dec 31-----------------------------------------------------------

student in japan go to school for 8 days

Japan Aviation High School was created in 1960.

Friends School - Japan - was created in 1887.

Horizon Japan International School was created in 2003.

Japan Professional School of Education was created in 2006.

in japan you start out from 7th grade to 9th grade for Middle school in japan . so you stay in middle school for 3 years.

my day of high school was kinda scary at first but then i made new friends and it was amazing!

Victory in japan(abbrev.) day is called vj day

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Friendship day in Japan was celebrated on May 5, 2014. Friendship day is to honor and commemorate the close ties between Japan and America.

*** Observed Days *** Note not all are holidays ----------------------------------------------------------- Country Event 2011 ----------------------------------------------------------- Japan New Year's Day Sat, Jan 1 Japan Bank Holiday Sun, Jan 2 Japan Bank Holiday Mon, Jan 3 Japan Seven Herbs Festival Fri, Jan 7 Japan Coming of Age Day Mon, Jan 10 Japan Setsubun-no-hi Thu, Feb 3 Japan National Foundation Day Fri, Feb 11 Japan Peach Festival Thu, Mar 3 Japan White Day Mon, Mar 14 Japan Vernal Equinox Mon, Mar 21 Japan Spring Imperial Festival Wed, Mar 23 Japan Hanamatsuri Fri, Apr 8 Japan Showa Day Fri, Apr 29 Japan Constitution Memorial Day Tue, May 3 Japan Greenery Day Wed, May 4 Japan Children's Day Thu, May 5 Japan Mother's Day Sun, May 8 Japan Father's Day Sun, Jun 19 Japan Tanabata Thu, Jul 7 Japan Marine Day Wed, Jul 20 Japan Disaster Prevention Day Thu, Sep 1 Japan Chrysanthemum Day Fri, Sep 9 Japan Respect for the Aged Day Mon, Sep 19 Japan Autumnal Equinox Fri, Sep 23 Japan Health and Sports Day Mon, Oct 10 Japan Culture Day Thu, Nov 3 Japan Shichi Go San Tue, Nov 15 Japan Labour Thanksgiving Day Wed, Nov 23 Japan Sosuharai Tue, Dec 13 Japan Emperor's Birthday Fri, Dec 23 Japan Grand Last Day Sat, Dec 31 -----------------------------------------------------------

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