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The science instrument is called Prism. It actually does not bend light. It separates the light into seven different colours.

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Q: What is a science instrument that bends light?
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What bends but doesnt break in science?


What instrument bends light?

Mirror (uses reflection principle), transparent glass sheet (uses refraction principle),etc are the instruments which are used to bend light.

What does a lens do to light?

It bends light.

If light passing through different medium bends as per science so do the shape of sun earth or anything we see is actually the same that we see or as per science its different?

you are right

What is a title for a science project about knots?

Bends and hitches

What property of light bends light rays?


What is refract the light?

If something refracts light it bends it.

What is happens when light is refracted by matter?

the light bends.

Where does light go when it refracted?

It bends.

What light bends the most?


What bends white light?


What bends light rays?

A prism bends light rays. White light is made up of many different wave lengths of light. A prism bends each wave length a different amount, that is why different colors are produced from the output side of a prism.