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Salamanders and Newts are an order of amphibians and are called Caudata. Until recently, the name Urodela was used.

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Q: What is a scientific name of a salamanders?
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What is a salamanders common name?


What is the Scientific Name for a Salamander?

There are many different species of salamander. Since an organism's scientific name consists of first its genus and then its species, there are as many different scientific names as their are species of salamander. Salamanders are in the: Kingdom Animalia Phylum Cordata Class Amphibia Subclass Lissamphibia Order Caudata/Urodela

What name is given to a group of salamanders?

The word "salamander" is the name for an entire group, or scientific order, of amphibians that have tails as adults. This includes animals commonly known as newts and sirens. Reference:

What two groupings do the scientific names of the salamanders represent?

he first part of the name (genus) symbolizes one group and the second part (species) symbolizes the other group.

What has the author Sherman C Bishop written?

Sherman C. Bishop has written: 'Handbook of Salamanders (Handbooks of American Natural History)' 'A scientific survey of Turners Lake, Isle-au-Haut, Maine' 'Handbook of salamanders' -- subject(s): Salamanders, Amphibians

What is the collective name for a 4 toed animal?

cosmic salamanders

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how do born salamanders come out adult salamanders

How do salamanders give birth?

how do born salamanders come out adult salamanders

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Frogs, toads, salamanders, and caecilians are all amphibians.

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A scientific name for name is nomenclature.

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