What is a sentence for cagoule?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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If that's "cajole," then... He hoped to cajole her into selling the house.

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Q: What is a sentence for cagoule?
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What is a cagoule?

A cagoule is a lightweight waterproof parka - although in French, it is a balaclava.

What is the difference between a fleece and a cagoule?

A cagoule is more puffy and has threads usually hanging out

When was Fous ta cagoule created?

Fous ta cagoule was created on 2006-11-18.

What does the chroplast?

the chlorophyll is the cagoule and stuff

How do you spell hood in french?

une cagoule

Which language gave us the word cagoule?

La cagoule is a French word meaning hood. It was also the name of a sinister secret Fascist society in France in the 1930s.

What is a cag?

A cag is a slang term for a cagoule, or an obsolete term for a keg.

What is a French word for outdoor head covering?

un chapeau, une cagoule, un bonnet de laine, une casquette, un bérét

What were you doing just before you joined the armed fores?

I don't get on one of our cagoule because she is very rude and she is always think cheerful smell fake and when she didn't see any one of as she try to complain our manager

Where might one go to learn more about the fatality of a bazooka?

Fatal Bazooka is a French spoof rap group. Although the act started as a portion of a radio show in 2002, the group's first released song was Fous ta cagoule in 2006.

What is a cag in a bag?

A cag in a bag is like a 'pack a mac'- simply it is short for a cagoule in a bag. They are designed for travelling, festivals etc where it might rain and is a emergency waterproof jacket that keeps you dry and folds away easily and doesn't take up much room!

What does Fous ta cagoule mean in English?

I'm wondering if you read that somewhere or if you heard it...cuz it reminds me of the phrase "ferme ta geule!" (also said simply "ta gueule") which is an exclamation in French - very very very rude - that basically means "Shut up!" "gueule" is directly translated to "the face of an animal/beast" so when you say "ta gueule!" or "ferme ta gueule" it's extremely rude and could earn you a punch in the face. lol. ("ta" means "your"..."ferme" is a conjugation of the verb "fermer" which means "to close/to shut" this case, it probably means "shut your mouth". Also, "fous ta cagoule" is actually a French song's title. It means "put your balaclava on". It's a joke, a caricature of the french rap music