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She painstakingly glued the vase back together.

The detectives painstakingly analysed all the evidence.

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Here are some sentences.

He painstakingly sewed all of the rips in his shirt.

She painted each flower with painstaking accuracy.

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Q: What is a sentence for painstakingly?
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What is a sentence using the word painstakingly?

Showing the check made it painstakingly obvious that he had been paid painstakingly means that you had to try so hard for something that it hurts, usually used in an iconic fashion to describe how hard someone has to work to explain something simple to someone that doesn't get it.

Is painstaking an adverb?

No. Painstaking is the adjective form. The adverb is painstakingly.

What is the definition of painstakingly?

With excruciating detail - perfect in every way ...

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Which Impressionist painstakingly pre-planned and constructed his or her compositions?

Edgar-Hilaire Degas .

Is meticulously an adjective?

No, it is not. Meticulously (carefully, painstakingly) is the adverb form of the adjective meticulous.

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What is the definition of the word thorough?

Painstaking, complete. A thorough examination is one where nothing is left out, but everything is painstakingly and completely examined.

How were automobiles made before the assembly line?

they were made by hand painstakingly by men which took forever and it was realy slow and time consuming

What is the factual historical differences between the untouchables movie and Al capone's real life?

Real life is much more painstakingly.

Why was pottery so expensive in Egypt?

pottery in ancient Egypt was painstakingly handcrafted, and so potters charged a lot for each one.

What is the function of the threshing machine?

To separate the grain kernels from the straw by doing it mechanically instead of painstakingly beating them against a rock by hand.