What is a sentence for the word arduous?

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Here are some examples:
"It was a long and arduous journey."
"It was not too arduous a task for a Sunday morning."
"The mountain climbers tackled the arduous terrain."
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Can you start a sentence with the word sentence?

The noun sentence (a text form, or a prison term) requires an adjective or article (a, the). But you can use it as an adjective itself, or as an imperative of the verb to sentence , to announce a judicial penalty. Example : "Sentence construction is important in English grammar." Example : "Sente ( Full Answer )

Can you give an example with the word arduous?

You may use the word arduous to explain a particularly difficult route you have taken or role or job you which you have done or something strenuous on your body you have done and anything else that you have found to be hard work such as The walking expedition we were on proved to be particularly ard ( Full Answer )

How do you use arduous in a sentence?

Here are a few: Climbing the mountain was an arduous undertaking, but she managed to do it. For me, washing the dishes is easy, but I find scrubbing the floor to be a much more arduous task. It is arduous to exercise when you are in bad shape or out of shape.

A sentence for arduous?

'The football practices were arduous, but the players knew toughpractices were necessary in order to build a successful team.' Theword arduous is an adjective.

Sentence for arduous?

Arduous is a word used to describe something that is difficult. Agood sentence would be, the math problems on the test were arduous.

What is the meaning of arduous?

Difficult, strenuous, hard to accomplish or achieve. 1.. requiring great exertion; laborious; difficult: an arduous undertaking.. 2.. requiring or using much energy and vigor; strenuous: making an arduous effort.. 3.. hard to climb; steep: an arduous path up the hill.. 4.. hard to endure; ful ( Full Answer )

Sentence with arduous?

The word arduous is an adjective. Her journey was long and arduous,but it ultimately strengthened her character and made her a betterperson.

What is a sentence with the word Has?

(the verb to have is also used in the perfect tenses, and like is, it has a contraction form) John has a new, expensive car. Has anyone seen his new car? He has been driving it all over town. He's offered to give me a ride. (He has offered)

What is a sentence with the word were?

(The word were is past tense of to be , used for the second person, and for the first person or third person plural.) "You were the first choice for the job when it became available." "We were happy over the result." "They were out playing in the snow."

How do you get sentences for words?

Many dictionaries and encyclopedias provide example sentences with their definitions. There are also online sites besides the examples here on WikiAnswers. To see a definition on Answers.com, click on any word in this answer, or type it in the Green Bar above, select "reference topics", and click G ( Full Answer )

What is a sentence for the word about?

(about - concerning, or alternately an approximation) John and Jim were talking about last night's football game. There were about a dozen fires started by the lightning.

What is a sentence for the word there?

(* the word there should not be confused with their , a plural possessive pronoun) (location) We know the address, but not how to get there. (existence) There is paint on my leather mirror and it will not come off.

What is a sentence with the word were in it?

"The children were excited when it started to snow" "We were walking down the street when it started raining" "When we were younger we ate ice cream in the summer" "The residents were not happy with the new paint colour"

What is a sentence for arduous?

The heat combined with more than two weeks continuous pulling made the job arduous . For more than 1000 years the church has labored in this place, and her work becomes more arduous as time goes on. Mrs. Hull worked the night shift herself when she took over the home and found the work wa ( Full Answer )

Arduous in a sentence?

i hate how people are so arduous because they are so painful looking. Arduous means difficult, or demanding great effort. The mountain climber found just walking at higher altitudes to be an arduous experience.

Sentence with word of?

RAC is the abbreviated form of Royal Automobile Club. I was so confused I just didn't understand what was going on most of the time.. The current Prime Minster of the UK is the Right Honourable Gordon Brown MP.. I have just four months three weeks left of my prison sentence to serve.

What is a sentence with the word to?

"I am going to answer that." "The answer to the question is fairly simple." "You can go to several websites for other examples." The word "to" is used for the infinitive form of verbs ( to jump ), indicating an action or the means to an action. It is also used as a preposition in adject ( Full Answer )

What is a synonym for arduous?

Synonyms may be hard, difficult, grueling, strenuous, or trying. (The word 'hard' is from the same root.)

What is a sentence for the word in?

"Are you in the car? Get in, it's late!" "How is it in the bowl?" In this story I fell off a bike. In school I learned how to add fractions. In 2000 I was born. "Get in the car!" I yelled.

How do you use the word sentence in a sentence?

Sentence can mean the words in a written construction, or a court-ordered punishment for a crime. Example : "You can usually tell if a sentence is poorly written when it cannot be spoken aloud in a natural way." Example : "The robber was given a lengthy sentence by the judge." The sentence ( Full Answer )

What is a sentence with the word get?

Let's get going before we are late! Will you go get the cheese for me? He walks to the corner every morning to get a newspaper. Older individuals should get a physical examination at least once a year.

What is a sentence with the word out?

Let's go out in the fresh air. He yelled at the cat to get out of the kitchen. The store was temporarily out of orange juice. The baseball player tried to steal second base but was called out. The farmer thought he saw a crow out in the field.

What is a good sentence with the word primp in the sentence?

She must really like this guy because I've never seen her primp so long before a date. She spends hours primping in front of a mirror before competing in a pageant. I hate to spend all morning primping, so I need a quick hair and makeup routine.

What is the word what in a sentence?

You'd have to give the sentence to say for certain. It's probably a pronoun, but it can also be used as a noun, adjective, or adverb at least.

What is a sentence with the word your?

Take me to your leader. The following are sentences using the word 'your': Your husband is dating his receptionist. Who is your divorce lawyer? Be sure to have all of your financial records together. Don't forget that his assets are your assets.

What is a sentence using the word sentence?

He wrote the long sentence on the blackboard. He received a five-year sentence for his crime. The judge will sentence the poacher on Monday.

What is a sentence for the word she?

She gazed over at the window, in deep thought. I don't think she has any idea what you're talking about. Did you know that Katsume thinks that she is dumb?

What is a sentence for the word no?

"No, I'm not allowed to go to the sleepover." "There was no word concerning the missing ship." "The teacher asked the principal for permission, but his answer was no."

What is a sentence with the word sentences?

The teacher made Al rewrite the sentences from his homework. At the final court appearance, the judge sentences the convicted criminal. Varying the length of your sentences can be an effective writing tool.

A sentence that has the word number sentence?

Find the number. Or you could use a sentence such as, "The number sentence must contains an equal sign." as i was cycling through the terrfiying street i herd loadz of screaming behind me so i rush home.

Where to get word with sentences?

You can get 'word' with sentences right here at wikianswers, for example: What's the good word. Not one word to Dad about the actual time I came in. That was word for word what he said to me.

What is a sentence for the word an?

("an" is the indefinite article "a" when used before a noun that begins with a vowel sound) An awesome wall of ice lines much of the coast of Antarctica. An historic agreement once created a union between Egypt and Syria.

What is a sentence with the word which?

(similarly to "that", "which" is used for a related clause, or a choice within a group) "He was promoted to manager, which meant more responsibilities at work." "Which shirt do you like better, the pink or the blue shirt?""Which" child will get to lunch first?

A sentence with the word can in it?

As a verb: Janice told her mother, 'I can dress myself.' As a noun: I'll open a can of peaches to go with your lunch.

Is arduous an adjective?

Yes, it is an adjective. It is based on the noun ardor (passion,zeal) and means difficult or rigorous.

What is a sentence with the word was?

After I dropped the letter into the mailbox, I knew it was too late. Also... Sara's face went pale because a frog was in her milk.

What is a sentence with the word fib in a sentence?

Fib is basically an insignificant or a harmless lie , or u can say fibbing is milder form of lying . . . sentence : she fibbed about going early to bed last night when she actually did not she told a fib to everyone about being the topper in her school

What is the sentence for the word at?

The word at is a preposition that can express location, arrival ina particular place or position, or a time an event takes place. Examples of sentences are: She lives at 111 Stoney Grove Place. He arrived at the game on time. The baby went to bed at 6:00 p.m.

What actors and actresses appeared in Arduous Moon - 1990?

The cast of Arduous Moon - 1990 includes: Sherman Allen as Norman Diedrich Bader Ellen DeGeneres Nan Diacovo as Short Hip Woman Lou Diamond Phillips as Bob Melissa Etheridge Miguel Ferrer Dale Gibson as Rad Catherine Keener Robert Knepper as Andrew Paul Motley as Old Man Marti Muller as Tall Hip Wom ( Full Answer )