What is a sentence for the word cellar?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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Wine is best kept under the house in the cellar.

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Q: What is a sentence for the word cellar?
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What sentence can you make with the word cellar?

The cellar door is unlocked.

Can give a sentence that has the word cellar?

Granny is down in the root cellar, right now. The cellar is flooded, again.

Can you make up a sentence with cellar in it?

i have a cellar

Frame a sentence with cellar?

the cellar smells bad

What is a sentence with the word vermin?

The cellar is swamped with vermin.He was a vermin so I called off the wedding.

What is the french word for wine cellar?

The French word for cellar is cave (pronounced kah'v), and wine cellar is cave à vin.

What part of speech is the word cellar?

The word cellar is a singular noun. The plural is cellars.

How do you use word noises in a sentence?

The noises came from the old cellar door. They looked around to find where the noises originated.

How would you use cellar in a sentence?

Cellar is a type of basement and is classified as a noun since it's a place. I went downstairs to fetch wine from the cellar.

How do you spell cellar in french?

The french word for cellar is "la cave" (fem)

What is the adverb for sudden?

The adverb form of the word "sudden" is suddenly.An example sentence for you is: "Suddenly there was a loud thump from the cellar".

What is a sentence for cellar?

i like to stock food down in my celler