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pollination occurs in flowers. and it is done by flies,butterflies


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Q: What is a sentence for the word pollination?
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What is a kid sentence using pollination?

some plants let out pollination

What is a senentence with the word pollination?

i like pollination

Use pollination in a sentence?

Without sufficient pollination, the growth of the corn is stunted.

What is the root word of pollination?

The word pollination is a noun form, a word for the transfer of pollen from the anther to the stigma of a plant. Example: The pollination of many fruits and vegetables is accomplished by insects.

Can you give me easy sentence using pollination?

Bees moving pollen from flower to flower is pollination.

Can someone help me use pollination self-pollination and cross-pollination in the same sentence?

Self pollination is when a flower pollinates itself with its own pollen and cross pollination is when a flower uses another flower's pollen.

How do you you put pollination sentence?

When bees travel from flower to flower, pollinationoccurs.

What science word that starts with a p?


The movement of pollen from the stamen to the carpel is called.?

It is known as pollination (sometimes as cross-pollination).

What are the three ways in which pollination can occur?

Self pollination, wind pollination, and insect pollination are the three ways that pollination occurs. Pollination is needed in order for plants to reproduce.

What are the 2 different methods of pollination?

The two main types of pollination are self (or autogamous) pollination and cross (or heterogamous) pollination. Self pollination - is when pollination is tansfer from the anther to the stigma of the same flower. Cross pollintion - is when pollination is transfer from the anther to the stigma of another flower

How many types of pollination are there?

There are 2 types of pollination 1. Self pollination. 2. Cross pollination.