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What is a sentence including the word cacophony?


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Here is a sentence:

What is a sentence including the word cacophony?

That is the sentence


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I heard a cacophony of horns during the traffic jam.

The symphony's warming-up cacophony slowly melded into the introductory passage.

what is that Cacophony? cacophony means harsh sounds!

John blocked out the urban cacophony with a pair of vintage headphones he rescued from a dumpster.

The cacophony of sounds were loud, of course, and very irritating. (cacophony basically means that it is a loud noise with no meaning or pattern) HOPE IT HELPZ

The flock of crows cawing make a cacophony.

The noise of the children in the cafeteria was a cacophony of sound.

The cacophony of the jungle's animals seemed ceaseless.

The orchestra's initial cacophony became the introduction of the song.

Cacophony is a noun that means "A loud or disruptive noise ".The band made a cacophony when they first began to practice"

The cacophony in the streets made it hard to sleep.

The elementary school's symphonic band's warm-up was just a cacophony of sound, but it gradually organized into the opening theme song of "The Simpsons".

Did you mean cacophony ? In which case an example would be "the parrots squawked loudly, creating a cacophony of noise"

The jungle cat's morning arrival at the riverbank always led to a cacophony of screams and howls from the attendant wildlife. What a great alarm clock to awaken to each day!

This is like a loud noise or annoying racket.

A butterfly has a big life is cycle.First it is a egg next it is a caterpillar than it is in its cacophony and finally it is a butterfly.

There are four syllables in the word cacophony divided like so: ca-coph-o-ny.

A harsh, discordant mixture sounds Example: A cacophony of deafening alarm bells.

Disharmony or cacophony.

The word cacophony means a harsh mixture of sounds.The cacophony of teenagers yelling in the gym was overwhelming.

Luckily for me, my rude comment went unheard in the cacophony of opinions around the table.Suddenly I noticed that the normal cacophony of the forest had been replaced by an eerie silence.I missed the lights and the cacophony of the city, and the pitch darkness of the woods at night terrified me.

'Some people enjoy the sound of modern music, while others hear only a loud and disagreeable cacophony of sounds.''The traffic piled up behind the roadworks and soon the air was filled with a cacophony of horns and yelling, impatient motorists.'There was a cacophony of women's laughter in the women's restroom.

the band was very cacaphony but there getting better everyday

The grade school orchestra's warm-up cacophony melds into the introduction of the theme song for "The Simpsons", a subversive cartoon rendering of American family life.

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