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During distillation, the condensation soon turned to evaporation.

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Q: What is a sentence using the words condensation distillation and evaporation?
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What is the process of separating liquids by using evaporation and condensation?

This process is called distillation.

What is a sentence using the word distillation?

Alcoholic beverages are made stronger through the process of distillation. Distillation is not to be confused with condensation.

Word for separating liquid using evaporation and condensation?


How can you sort out salt from sea water?

Salt may be recovered from sea water by evaporation using either Solar or Wind as the active agent. If it is the water you wish to recover, then evaporation followed by condensation would do the trick. Or you could use a 'reverse osmosis' process, as used in long distance yachting.

How do you separate a solution using distillation?

It can definitely! ----------------------- For the separation of solids from liquids are preferred: filtering, sedimentation, crystallization, atomization, freeze drying, centrifugation.

Can you write a sentence using the word evaporation?

Heat causes the evaporation of water.

What is the sentence using the word evaporation?

The level of the lake is lowered due to evaporation.

What is a sentence using evaporation condensation and precipitation?

The processes that occur in the water cycle: precipitation: when liquid or solid water falls from clouds transpiration: water evaporating out of plants condensation: when water vapor changes into liquid evaporation: when liquid becomes gas

How can sugar and water be separated?

Sugar and water can be separated by using a couple different methods. One method is by using an apparatus for distillation. Another is by using evaporation.

Could settling be use to separate petroleum?

Yes petroleum can be separated by using: 1.Distillation 2.Evaporation

What are three ways to separate substances in a mixture?

Three ways would be Liquid liquid - distillation (separation based on boiling points) Column chromatography separates solids dissolved in eluent based on polarity Filtration (washing with a solvent that dissolves one compound and not another)

What is the goal of distillation?

In a vacuum, water boils at a much lower temperature, so you can boil away the water without having to cook something in the process. In addition, all chemical compounds boil at lower temperatures in a vacuum, than they do under normal air pressure, so various forms of distillation can be done in a vacuum, not just removal of water.