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A harbor.

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Q: What is a sheltered body of water deep enough to provide anchorage for ships?
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What is a harbor site?

A harbor site is a location where vessels can anchor and find shelter from the open sea. It typically includes facilities for loading and unloading cargo, as well as amenities for the crew and passengers. Harbors are key hubs for maritime activities and transportation.

What is a sheltered place along a coast line?

A cove is a sheltered place along a coastline where the water is protected from strong waves and winds due to the surrounding land formations, such as cliffs or headlands. Coves are often calm and provide a safe anchorage for boats and a tranquil environment for swimming or relaxing.

A sheltered place for ships to anchor?


Where do ships dock in this sheltered area of water?

Ships typically dock at a port or harbor in a sheltered area of water. Ports are equipped with facilities for ships to load and unload cargo, refuel, and perform maintenance. The sheltered location offers protection from rough seas and weather conditions, ensuring safe mooring for the ships.

What is a steep sided narrow bay?

A steep-sided narrow bay is a bay characterized by high cliffs or steep slopes on both sides, creating a narrow opening with limited access to the open water. These bays are often found in areas with rugged or mountainous landscapes, and they can provide sheltered anchorage for boats and ships.

What is a sheltered area that ships can anchor safely?


Why did Arthur Phillip think that Botany Bay would make a bad harbor?

The harbour at Botany Bay was not sheltered enough from the strong winds, nor was it thought to be deep enough for large ships.

Where do ships find a sheltered place along the coast?

A harbor

A sheltered area of water where ships can anchor safely?


Where do ships find a sheltered place along the cost?

It's a harbor

Why are harbors important?

Harbors offer a sheltered place for animals such as dolphins and some whales. They provide protection for ships in times of storms. The waters are usually calmer than the surrounding seas.

What is an area of sheltered water often in a bay deep for ships?

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