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a man named kino finds a pearl and he thinks it will bring him good luck but in the end the pearl brings him more misfortune then he had without it.

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"The Pearl" by John Steinbeck is a novella that follows the story of Kino, a poor pearl diver, who discovers a magnificent pearl that brings hopes of a better life for him and his family. However, greed and envy lead to tragedy as Kino’s newfound wealth brings him into conflict with those around him. Steinbeck explores themes of wealth, power, and the corrupting influence of material possessions.

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Q: What is a short summary for The Pearl by John Steinbeck?
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When was the the pearl written?

John Steinbeck's novella 'The Pearl' was published in 1947."The Pearl", written by John Steinbeck, was published in 1947.

How many words in the Pearl by John Steinbeck?

The Pearl by John Steinbeck contains approximately 38,000 words.

Who write the novel-the pearl?

"The Pearl" was written by John Steinbeck.

What connection did John Steinbeck have with the pearl?


Did John Steinbeck write 'The Pearl'?


What is the Subject in The Pearl by John Steinbeck?

A pearl and how it affects the life of the finder.

When does John Steinbeck's the pearl take place?

John Steinbeck's The Pearl was written "after the war" and was probably completed in 1944 or 1945. It was originally published in a magazine entitled Women's Home Companion in 1945. It that publication, it appeared under the title "The Pearl of the World." A link can be found below to check facts and discover more information.

How many pages is the pearl by John Steinbeck?

"The Pearl" by John Steinbeck is a novella consisting of around 90 pages, depending on the edition and format.

Who wrote The Pearl?

"The Pearl" was written by John Steinbeck, an American author known for his novels that often address social and economic issues. Published in 1947, "The Pearl" tells the story of Kino, a poor Mexican fisherman, and his encounter with a valuable pearl that brings both hope and tragedy.

When was the pearl published?

"The Pearl" is a novel published in 1947. John Steinbeck is the author.

When was the pearl written what year that is by John Steinbeck?


What animals are mentioned in The Pearl by John Steinbeck?