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What is a sieve?

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A sieve is a kitchen tool.

It is for say if i had pasta than i would put the cooked pasta in it and the waterwould drain out because the sieve has little holes in the bottom

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How do you spell sieve?


What is the difference between a wet sieve and a dry sieve analysis?

What is the difference between a wet sieve and a dry sieve

Who made the sieve?

Forrest Sieve

What does sieve meen?

A sieve is a very fine screen used to filter, or sieve, solids out of liquids.

What is sentence of sieve?

He filtered the water from the stones using a sieve. This is a sentence using the word sieve.

What the conclusion the sieve analysis?

the importance of sieve analysis

What is the structure of the Phloem?

Phloem is composed of sieve elements and companion cells. Each sieve element has a companion cell that provides ATP and other necessary support to the sieve element. In addition to this there are sieve plates that separate sieve cells.

What is 3 to 4 sieve green bean mean?

what is bigger a 3 sieve or 4 sieve green bean

What are sieve plates?

Sieve plates are cross walls separating the cells in the phloem and have lots of minute pores. These cross-walls look like a sieve and so are called sieve plates. The holes in the sieve plates allows rapid flow of manufactured food substances through the sieve tubes.

A sentence with the word sieve?

A sieve is a device with a mesh screen for separating coarser particles from finer ones or solids from liquids. Soft materials can also be forced through a sieve. As a verb, "sieve" means to put through a sieve. Here are some examples:Strain the cooking liquid through a fine-mesh sieve and return to the saucepan.Force the fruit mixture through a sieve.Your office is leaking information like a sieve.Sieve the milk mixture into a large bowl.

What is the noun form of sieve?

The word sieve is a noun as well as a verb (sieve, sieves, sieving, sieved); example uses: Noun: The sieve to strain the spaghetti is in that cupboard. Verb: I don't sieve the mashed potatoes, I like them a bit lumpy.

The cells that function with the sieve tubes are the?

Cells containing sieve plates are called sieve tube members, a component of the phloem, which carries sugars produced in the leaves to various parts of the plant. They are characteristic of angiosperms (flowering plants) while gymnosperms (cone-bearing plants) have only sieve cells. Sieve cells and sieve tube members are collectively referred to as sieve elements.

How do you use sieve in sentence?

You can sift flour using a sieve.

How do you separate rice from water?


How many companion cells border a sieve tube?

in a sieve tube there are 13 conpanion cells border the sieve tube

What is a sieve phloem?

The cells having sieve like perforations in their cell walls present in phloem are the sieve tubes of the phloem.

What is the difference between wet and dry sieve analysis?

wet sieve analysis is wetdry sieve analysis is dry

When did Eratosthenes discover the sieve?

The sieve of Eratosthenes was discovered in 223 BC.

Could you give me a Thesis for nectar in a sieve?

thesis for nevtar in a sieve

What is the aim of a sieve analysis test?

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How many pages does Nectar in a Sieve have?

Nectar in a Sieve has 190 pages.

Why do you have to sieve flour?

You have to sieve flour too get rid off all of the lumps!!

A machine that is for separating mixtures of solid particles and immiscible liquids is a?

a sieve a sieve

What bird has a sieve beak?

One bird that has a beak like a sieve is a flamingo.

What does sieve mean in idiom terms?

"Sieve" is not an idiom. See the related link.

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