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That is normally known as an autograph.

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Q: What is a signature from someone famous?
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Why is Benjamin Franklin's signature famous?

Ben's signature is famous because HE'S famous. It's really not that hard to figure out!

Is someone who copy's someone signature a fraud?


What patriot was famous for his signature?

john hancock

What is A fraudulent signature is called?

A fraudulent signature is often referred to as a forged signature or a counterfeit signature. This occurs when someone signs a document using another person's name without their authorization or consent, which is illegal and unethical.

Can someone put you as a cosigner without your signature on a car title?

No-they probably forged your signature

What is John Hancock famous for?

For his signature on the Declaration of Independence.

What do you call a famous person's signature?

its called an "autograph"

One who make other signature?

sIf you make someone elses signature with their prior approval, it is generally called a Power of Attorney. If you make someone elses signature without their consent it is called forgery, or fraud.

Who was famous for their signature during the revolutionary war?

John Hanncock

Who had the most famous signature on the declaration of independence?

john hanncock

When someone tells you to put your johnhancock what do they mean?

Your signature.

What does signature design mean?

A signature design is usually a design that is recognized as being made by an artist famous for a certain kind of design. It is also a name used by several design businesses, such a Signature Design T-shirts or Signature Design cabinets. I was surprised to find out that there are there even famous rug designers who are well known in their field, and their rugs are known as signature rugs.