What is a slab foundation?

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It is a flat piece (slab) of concrete sitting on compacted soil or stone, usually meaning there is no basement. These generally only appear in areas where the ground does not freeze frequently.
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How do you run both the shower and tub to the same two inch drain line in a slab foundation house?

Answer . \nEverything the same as when only setting up one, however the drain farthest away from where the two meed the drain line must be slightly higher (1/4 inch high per foot of distance to the other drain (or more)and you will have two vent pipes (one from each) that can be tied together and ( Full Answer )

Is it ok to attach a pressure-treated joist directly to a concrete slab as a foundation for a deck and should it be epoxied or bolted down?

Answer . \nYou can set the joist directly into a 3 or 4 foot hole filled with concrete, however the life expectancy of the joist is about half when it does not come in contact with the ground at all. On my house I set them on metal brackets then epoxied the bracket bolt into the concrete. With ( Full Answer )

Does it cost 50000 more to replace a house with pier and beam instead of a slab foundation?

It all depends on the price of concrete and or wood in your area of the country. Get estimates from at least 5 or 6 differant contractors in you area. The more estimates you get the better. When you finally get a contractor ,before you hire him check him out with the B.B.B. Also if you can go look a ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to cut the post tension concrete slab foundation to fine sewer line for bathroom addition?

Answer . No, You must first locate the P.T cables, and because you said it is to find a sewer line im guessing this is slab-on-grade and not a deck. The only method for locating post tension cables on slab-on-grade is with Ground Penetrating Radar. If its on a deck you can use Ground Penetrating ( Full Answer )

What is a foundation?

This is the part of the structure which interacts with the earth.allow us to construct buildings which will withstand the powerful forces of nature.They basically are nothing more than giant beams. They carry loads, similar to structural steel I-beams. Foundations can be constructed from a variety o ( Full Answer )

What is foundation?

Foundation is something that covers up moles, freckles, and spots. It comes in three types: liquid, powder, and cream. You should buy a color that is the same as your skin and apply all over you face, and the neck if you wish. It is a great thing to wear but if you are under 13 i wouldn't suggest It ( Full Answer )

Can a pressure treated foundation be placed on the basement concrete slab?

Hello,. My name is Terry and I am a help expert in the building and construction field.. Yes, it is possible to construct a treated lumber foundation. It must however, be constructed and inspected by your local building department. There are minimum specifications that can be obtained from the Int ( Full Answer )

Compare solid slab and flat slab?

flat plates are solide concret slabs of uniform thickness thattransfert load directly to the column without presence of projectedbeams and solid slabs surronding by beams

How do you do concrete slabs?

Firstly measure and take the dimensions of the area where you want to pour in the concrete slab. Now, make a lumber frame. This frame will act like a border and will now allow the concrete to spread out from the area. Nail a piece of lumber from one corner to the other on top of the frame so as to ( Full Answer )

What is slab pull?

Slab Pull Force occurs when a denser oceanic plate is forcedbeneath a less dense continental plate or oceanic plate in aprocess called subduction. It's the force caused by suction of the cold dense lithosphere intothe asthenosphere at destructive margins. Basically, becauselithosphere is denser tha ( Full Answer )

How do you dry wet carpet on a slab foundation?

There are five ways in which a person can dry wet the carpet on aslab foundation. The five ways include sealing gaps, sealing theconcrete, air to air exchange, use of the dehumidifier, and airconditioning.

What is chemical reaction of PVC to concrete I want to use PVC pipe for water piping electrical power wiresinstalled in the concrete foundation and slab poured directly in contact. Any problem?

PVC does not react chemically with concrete, but PVC has a very large dimensional change when the temperature changes , so pipes that are carrying warm water expand. There are products available to wrap pipes going through concrete so that they have room to expand and do not wear through from grindi ( Full Answer )

What is a rat slab?

A "Rat Slab", is a placement of concrete in the crawl space of a house. A rat slab is sometimes required by local codes, but not always. It helps to resist burrowing rodents and can when placed over a vapor barier, help reduce groundwater invasion. As a bonus it makes for a clean underfloor and a be ( Full Answer )

What is the mystery slab?

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How do you patch or seal an exposed rebar post tension cable in foundation slab?

Rebar and Post Tension cable (PT) are two entirely different items. Rebar is the static steel bars placed in the concrete while the PT are high tensile strength cables that were placed in concrete than stressed under hydraulic jacking to a tension generally around 2500 to 3500 psi. As a result, the ( Full Answer )

What is Slab Building?

\n. \n. \nIt's a building with no basement. The building is erected on a concrete "slab" or pad.

What is a slab pot?

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What are waffle slabs?

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What does the secret slab do?

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What is slab suction?

slabs of oceanic plate start to peel away because it's oldest, coldest, and dense. after about 180million years subduction starts on its own.

What is a raft slab?

Also reffered to as 'slab footing' and it consists of concrete footing beams integrated into the concrete floor slab.

Advantages of waffle pod slab foundation of home?

There is only one advantage of waffle pod slab construction - reduced cost. The waffle pod slab is no more than a slab of concrete placed on the ground, with polystyrene blocks in a grid pattern within. This results in a system consisting of a slab with a grid of stiffening and edge beams, giving th ( Full Answer )

What is coffered slab?

A ceiling in which the beams and cross-beams leave a regular pattern of square or multi-sided sunken panels, or coffers, each of which is often decorated with molded, carved and painted decoration. Colonnade .

How do you waterproof a slab on grade foundation?

Use polyethylene sheet membrane. Prior to concrete placing, cover the entire area with a layer of PE sheet membrane extending the perimeter of slab and up against wall for the depth of concrete.

What is a clay slab?

A slab of clay usually means rolled out clay. The thickness varies but is generally about a half inch.

How do you raise a slab foundation?

Hire someone. This is not a do-it-yourself type of project. The contractor will essentially drill holes in the low parts of the foundation and pump a new concrete mixture (although it is not pure concrete anymore) underneath your current slab, which with enough pressure, will cause it to lift. You w ( Full Answer )

What is a floating slab foundation?

Floating slab is a type of mat foundation. It consists of a hollow mat formed by a grid of thick reinforced concrete walls between two thick reinforced concrete slabs. The weight of the soil excavated from the ground is equal to the weight of the entire building, so that pressure on the soil is unch ( Full Answer )

What is solid slab?

A solid slab is either solid concrete foundation or a flat solidwood door as opposed to a hollow core or a panel door.

How do you jack a slab?

with a jackhammer is the easiest way. You can use a demo hammer or even a sledge, but why?

What is a transverse slab?

transverse slab is nothing but its like a raft foundation when structure is very high so much load is transversed to footings so in order to decrease point loads forces on raft foundation or foundations transver slabs are placed it will take all the loads from all parts of frame structures and tran ( Full Answer )

What is the difference between waffle slab and ribbed slab?

Waffle slabs are two-way spanning slabs whose beams(in two diresctions) are at very close centres whereas a ribbed slab is a one way spanning slab whose secondary beams are at very close centres, but not their primary beams.

What is a Pan Slab?

A pan slab is a elevated concrete slab that is formed with integral beams. The slab and beams are formed with either wood or pre-engineered forms, i.e.. PERI Forms. The Pans (forms) are supported by shoring jacks, either wooden or pre-engineered metal forms of various different manufacturers. For in ( Full Answer )

Is a mortar bed needed to install standard 12 tiles to a cement slab foundation?

No you don't need a mortar bed. if you have existing cement slab, then all you need to do is make sure to check for uneven spots, cracks and fill them in. You can also use self leveling products like levelQuick. Then your good to tile. You could have cracks later develop in your tile due to slab sti ( Full Answer )

What is slab resistance?

as the subducting plate skins into the mantle, friction between the mantle and lithosphere will oppose plate motion.

What is a glass slab?

it is a substance made of glass having 3 dimensions and is cuboid shaped. It does not deviate the light. This means that the incident and the emergent ray are parallel. The slab only produces lateral (sideways) shift or displacement.

What is sunken slab?

sunken slab is the slab provided in toilets and bathrooms in order to conceal all the pipelines below the floor.

What do you do with slabs in Minecraft?

Slabs can be used for decorating your house and can be used as fancy type of stairs but dont elevate as high as normal stairs.

Can a slab on grade be a floating slab?

In laymen's terms, yes. Many people use the terms Slab-on-grade & Floating Slab interchangeably. However, architects, engineers, and construction workers may have a more refined interpretation. Most commonly, a Slab-on-grade construction refers to a foundation in which the a concrete slab (also m ( Full Answer )

What is coffer slab?

A coffer slab is a sunken ceiling panel. They are often decoratedwith moldings, carvings, or paint. The coffers are usually setbetween the beams and cross-beams.

What is cheaper foundation or slab?

It all depends on the ground conditions and the load of the building. The is also a little confusion around your terminology as the term 'foundation slab' is legitimate. Maybe you are referring to strip foundation versus raft foundation. There are also basement foundations which will help stif ( Full Answer )

What is a sleeper slab?

A large horizontal slab is typically placed beneath the joint at the end of a bridge approach slab that is joined to the other side of roadway pavement. It is designed to support the ends of abutting pavements with a large bearing area and additional support for the free ends of pavements.