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The Sony DVP FX930 DVD player is a small portable DVD player. The COBY TFDVD7008 DVD player is another example.

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A DVD is relatively portable but I suspect you mean a DVD player? In which case it's only portable if it's a portable DVD player.

A portable DVD player should be small enough to easily carry. The smallest DVD players are barely larger than the DVDs that they play, but larger ones are also available.

A small DVD player that is cheap is the Magnasonic ultra DVD for $29.99 on, a Sony 9-inch portable DVD player for $15 on, and a Coby s DVD player for $34.83 on

Car DVD Players that are portable are the best for entertaining small children.

A portable cd player will only play cds. A portable dvd player will play dvds, as well as cds. A dvd player is mostly different in that it will play movies.

DVD player on planeYes, you can take portable DVD players and laptops.

normally located in the power adaptor. unscrew it.

No, PC DVD games are not compatible with portable DVD players. Portable DVD players are capable of reading and displaying DVD videos.

a portable DVD player can be reasonably priced depending on the features you are looking for. a portable DVD player with two screens is going to cost more than one with one screen.

The battery life of an LG portable DVD player solely depends on what type of batteries you are using for your LG portable DVD player. When that information is found out, you will be able to get a better answer to the question.

I think that is the Panasonic DVD-L50 Portable DVD Player.

Probably because as a portable dvd player with a small screen, you are expected to sit close enough to see. This means that you can reach and so dont need a remote. Some portable dvd players are capable of being plugged into a tv, but these ones on the whole do have a remote

No the PS3 does not record DVDs and neither can a DVD player. What could be compatible, the game discs do not play on a DVD player, whether portable or not

Yes dvds can be watched on a wireless portable tv as long as there was a dvd player hooked up to the device, or the device came with a dvd player pre installed in it.

my dvd player is so big that it is not portable.

There are some rechargeable portable DVD players where you can use rechargeable batteries, they cannot be used in every portable DVD player because at some point the batteries start to slow down.

you use a 3-pron connector (yellow. red, white) in to the input in the playstation 2 or portable DVD player.

If the portable DVD player has output sockets that can be connected to the input sockets on the TV then you can watch DVDs on the TV.

DVD/VCR combo players are better used at home. These machines are somewhat big and bulky, and therefore they are not really very portable like a regular small DVD player is.

Portable DVD players play DVDs using a digital scanner eye. The scanner eye is located inside the DVD player, and it scans the DVD as it turns. Then, it transfers the images to the screen.

The first portable DVD players were introduced in 1998 by Panasonic. While newer portable DVD players have an average screen size of 7 inches, the first portable DVD player's screen was only 5 inches.

A car player means that the player is built into the car. A portable DVD player can only be played in the car by connecting a DV-power cable to the car battery.

The smallest portable dvd player is the Audiovox D1420. It is a portable DVD player is just about an inch more in diameter than the DVD itself. It features a built-in 4.2‰Û_ 16:9 LCD widescreen and battery life lasts about 2.5 hours.

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