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What is a smooth and glossy rock?

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obsidian, a volcanic rock often used in jewelry and weapons, also used for spiritual purposes.

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What is the definition of glossy?

Smooth and shining; reflecting luster from a smooth surface; highly polished; lustrous; as, glossy silk; a glossy surface., Smooth; specious; plausible; as, glossy deceit.

Why is bechamel sauce glossy and smooth?

Bechamel is glossy due to the fat in the butter and smooth from the expanded gluten in the flour.

What is the definition glossy?

Shiny and smooth.

What is a cloth with a smooth glossy side?


Is obsidian natural gas?

Obsidian rock is simply cooled liquid magma or "lava". Obsidian rock is jet black with a very smooth texture and glossy appearance.

What are the characteristics of marble?

The Marble is rough,bumpy,and white.Smooth, sleek glossy shell. Often has a grain line running through the rock.

What are synonyms for glossy?

bright. shiny, smooth, gleaming, brilliant

What igneous rock has a glossy appearance?

Obsidian. :)

Is obsidian a igneous sedimentary or metamorphic rock?

obsidian is an igneous rock, it is not formed from sediment, or a rock going under heat and pressure for the second time it is formed when a volcano erupts and it cools very quickly giving it a smooth glossy surface like glass.

Why is it desirable that the pages of a book be rough rather than smooth and glossy?

It is desirable because with smooth glossy pages your fingers wont be able to turn the page properly which if it is rough pages your fingers can stay and turn the page properly

Is Sleek leather upper real Leather?

yes, it means smooth or glossy leather upper

How many adjectives are in the sentence that apple glossy and red rolled out of the grocery bag and across the smooth table?


What is the difference in looks between glossy and textured skimboard?

A glossy skimboard will, obviously, be very smooth and very shiny. A skimboard with a textured finish will be relatively dull in color and you will be able to see and feel the weave of the fabric.

Is intrusive rock smooth?

An intrusive rock is a type of ingeous rock from the magma below the surface of the Earth. This type of rock is rough not smooth. They are rough because of large crystals.

Can a rock be a smooth boulder?

Sure, a boulder is a large rock.

What is the opposite of 'glossy'?

The opposite of "glossy" is "matte."

How does a rock get smooth?

some from weathering

What is a smooth and shiny rock?


What does sleek mean?

Here are some synonyms: smooth, slick, glossy, streamlined. It also means having slender, graceful lines.

How do you tell if you have burned or fried your hair with a straightener?

if your hair is like yours, then it is burnt. if it is silky, smooth and glossy like mine then it is fine.

What are synonyms of polished?

-refined, cultured, elegant, sophisticated, graceful, genteel -practiced, skillful, accomplished -smooth, shiny, gleaming, glossy

What rocks can you find platinum in?

smooth rock icy rock heat rock in underground

Is glossy a verb?

Glossy is not a verb, as you cannot perform a glossy. Glossy is an adjective, used to describe something

Why must a glass tubing be fire polished before it is used?

A glass tubing with a fire polish gives glass a smooth and glossy appearance.

How is music smooth?

Music being smooth is a opinion. Like jazz is usually smooth meaning soothing and slow. Unlike a rock song. Smooth as in peaceful.