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A sole trader is one type of business organization. Or I would say a sole trader is among the many types of organization that exist in a business environment. If you are a sole trader, it means that you own the business, and any profits from the business belongs to you. It's important to know that there are other types of business organizations like partnership or limited companies. A partnership is where you and another partner owns the business. ( it may not necessarily be 50% each, it depends on the agreement of each partner ). Limited companies on the other hand, are companies that can offer shares to raise capital. Although this is complicated, you need to understand that while sole trader can earn all the profits, it will face difficulties in raising funds for expansion, that's the reason limited companies are formed, they can raise funds from the public.

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Q: What is a sole trader?
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What is a function of the sole trader?

Sole trader it means Sole trade agence?

How do you set up a sole trader?

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Is coca cola a sole trader?

Nope. Coke is not a sole trader

Is body shop a sole trader?

Yes body shop is a sole trader.

Famous sole trader companies?

Lord Sugar is a famous sole trader in the UK.

What is a sole trader organization?

Sole proprietor

How many people does a sole trader employ?

A sole trader can employ as may people as is necessary

Characteristic of a sole trader?

the characterististics of a sole trader are: -unlimited liablitity -only one person controls the business which is called the sole trader - financial infomration is only visible for the owner of the business - the sole trader can keep all profit made by the business - it is a unicorporated business

Why is it easier for a sole trader to obtain a bank loan?

it is not easy for a sole trader to get a loan so easily as the business is new and the bank ownt know if the sole trader will be able to repay the loan.

How do sole trader provide employment?

Sole trader owns the business solely. It order to make the business survive he needs employees for his business. That means sole trader provides employment to society.

Is Guinness a sole trader?


How do you define sole trader enterprises?

a sole trader enterprise is a business own, operate and control by one person.

What is the role of a sole trader in the Kenyan economy?

A sole trader supplies clients with products they need at a convenient level. The trader is the link between wholesalers and customers.

Explain the significance of limited liability to sole trader and partnership?

Type Explain the significance of limited liability to sole trader

How sole trader can raise funds?

how slie trader can raise funds

What are the characteristics of a sole trader?

what are the major characteristics of a sole properitership what are the major characteristics of a sole properitership

Sole trader case study?

Sole trader case study will reveal how this type business is conducted. This is a business which is owned by one person and is commonly referred to a sole proprietorship.

What is the budget and cost and concept of an indigenuos trader and a sole trader?

The budget and cost and concept for the indigenous trader and sole can vary depending on the company's budget. If there is not a deficit in the account then the budget cost can increase.

Was richard branson a sole trader?

yes he is

What is an example of a sole trader company?


Is oxfam a sole trader?

you gyal fmalam

Who is the sole trader for Nike?

the mayans and Aztecs

When a co-operative changes into a sole trader why does the money go to the shareholders?

because a co-op is for the benefit of its shareholders, whereas a sole trader is not.

What is A business that is owned and operated by a single individual is known as a what proprietorship?

sole A sole-trader.

How can a sole trader raise capital for the business?