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What is a sprained ligament?

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2007-10-25 04:02:04

A sprained ligament is a complete or partial tearing of the

ligament tissue.

There are three types of sprains:

Type 1 (First Degree) Sprain:

* Some stretching or mild tearing of the ligament

* Little or no functional loss - the joint can still function

and bear some weight (but hurts!)

* Mild pain

* Some swelling

* Some joint stiffness

Type 2 (Second Degree) Sprain:

* Some more severe tearing of the ligaments

* Moderate instability of the joint

* Moderate to severe pain - weightbearing is very painful

* Swelling and stiffness

Type 3 (Third Degree) Sprain:

* Total rupture of a ligament - there is a loss of motion

* Gross instability of the joint - joint function is lost

* Severe pain initially followed by no pain

* Severe swelling

I've experienced all three types of sprains on my ankles and

knee playing basketball and soccer, and can testify that all the

above details are accurate.

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