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In the days of black powder, muzzle-loading firearms, a large caliber lead bullet was standard- somewhere around .69 caliber. While this was good for deer and bear, it was far too powerful for small game, such as squirrel. A much smaller caliber rifle was developed, typically firing a .32 or smaller bullet. This was far less destructive of the meat of small game, and cost far less to shoot. These smaller caliber guns became nicknamed "Squirrel rifles".

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Q: What is a squirrel gun?
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What kills a squirrel?

An arrow!! A gun!! Explosive!

How do you train your dog to hunt squirrel?

you teach your dog to poo when he seas a squirrel then you are ready with your gun and shot it down

What is a Glenfield Model 25 22 cal in great condition from the 60's worth and why is there a squirrel engraved on the stock. I have seen the same gun without the squirrel.?

it just depends on the year it was made in if it had the squirrel i think. either that or they quit putting the squirrel on when they stopped the glenfield name and made em all marlin. But to answer your price question. I just picked up the same gun yesterday without the squirrel (which shouldn't make it anymore valuable at all) for $40 in a local gun shop. And he had 4 or 5 more similar to that gun in age and model for 35-70 depending on condition.

Can an airsoft gun kill a squirrel?

Yes, if you are close.

Can a gun with 550 fps kill a squirrel?

Yes it is possible

Can a bb gun kill a squirrel?

A regular BB gun will probably kill a squirrel if the seals are good, ie it is relatively new, and you are shooting .177 caliber BBs, not airsoft pellets. A pellet rifle may shoot around 1000 feet per second, and that definitely has the clout to whack a squirrel. Most BB guns are capable of killing a squirrel.

What caliber is a squirrel gun?

The term "squirrel gun" was used with muzzle loading rifles that were smaller caliber than deer rifles. There was no one set caliber, but many were in .32 caliber, where a deer rifle would be .50, .54 or larger.

What is a good squearl killing gun?

Spelled squirrel, and a .22 rifle is the firearm of choice for them.

Can a bb gun kill a squirrl?

Yes but it is not a humane way to kill the rodent. A pellet gun would be better. BB's don't deform when they impact the rodent, So the squirrel suffers before death. A pellet deforms on impact and will put the squirrel down quickly.

What did Annie Oakley nail in the head the first time she shot a gun?

turkey. It was not a turkey. The first time she shot a gun, she hit a squirrel!

The marlin model 10 has a engraved squirrel not chipmunk where can you find firing pin for this 22?

Try, local gun store, gun shows.

Can you shoot a squirrel with a pellet gun if they aer distroying your property?

we have squirrels in backyard they are distroying pair trees and peacan trees ,is it loegal to shoot a squiirrel with a pellet gun?

Can you hunt squirrels with a pellet gun?

Depending on where you live and the local law. Yes a pellet gun will kill a squirrel. I suggest you use "Hollow point" hunting pellets.

What is the value of a 32 caliber Connecticut Valley Arms Squirrel Gun?

$150-$275, depending on condition.

Do you need a license to hunt squirrel with a bb gun in VA?

U can hunt them on ur own land

How do you kill a squirrel with out a gun?

Cut up guatemalan hookers and bury them in shallow graves by the interstate and use it as bait.

What is the best gun for squirrel huntung?

Probably an air rifle like a .22 because squirrels are quite small

Can you kill a squirrel with Ak887 9mm Silver Airsoft Pellet Gun?

Yes, in a matter of fact, I shot THROUGH it!

How much does a pellet gun that can kill a squirrel cost?

If it's a pellet gun them most pellet guns are capable of killing a squirrel. Check the FPS (Feet per Second) and if it's over 400 FPS that should be sufficient. Expect to pay $60 and up for a pellet gun. Crosman makes an excellent pellet gun that is rated at 610 FPS Called the American Classic and it cost $70. I also suggest using Hunting (Hollow point pellets) these will be the most effective.

What is the value of a marlin glenfield model 60 22 semi auto squirrel gun made in 1977?

Around $75.

What state produced the first machine gun?

The hicks in Tennessee got bored of shooting 1 squirrel at a time so they made a gun that could shoot a lot of them. So Tennessee was the first state to make them.

Can you kill a sqerle with a airsoft guns?

I believe you are referring to the mammal we normally call the "squirrel"? My instinctive answer is that it would be very difficult to inflict a mortal wound on a squirrel using an airsoft gun firing a 6 gram pellet at an average velocity of around 400 to 450 feet per second. However, if you were to capture the squirrel and confine him/her, you could probably beat it to death with an "airsoft gun". Therein lies the problem in answering your question. Also, modded airsoft guns that fire at around 800 fps could potentially be fatal to a squirrel if you shoot it in the head (I highly discourage any such act)

Will a squirrel die with a bb gun?

Yes! But it will suffer. BB's are a poor hunting choice for hunting. Pellet guns and rifles are more humane.

What animals can you shoot with an pellet gun?

Depends on the pellet gun, the distance, and the game laws where you live. Most pellet guns should not be used to hunt anything bigger than a squirrel. They do not have enough energy for a humane kill.

Can a pellet gun kill a turkey?

Possible- depending on the pellet gun. I hunt smaller animals (squirrels) with a Sheridan 5mm rifle. It WILL kill a squirrel at 45 yards. However, a squirrel and a turkey are 2 very different animals. To kill a turkey cleanly, it would have to be a head shot- and turkeys are VERY skittish animals. You also need to check if it would be LEGAL to kill a turkey with a pellet gun in YOUR state (assuming we are talking about a wild turkey) The game laws are different for each state.