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A starfish is a marine animal (echinoderm) that has five or more arms, so it is shaped like a star. Because it is not a fish, some now refer to it as a sea star. It has a hard, craggy upper shell and hundreds of sticky "feet" on its bottom side that let it attach itself to rocks.

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Q: What is a starfish?
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What types of starfish are there in New Zealand?

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Do starfish have offspring?

Starfish do indeed have offspring. If starfish did not have offspring there would be no living starfish in the world.

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Beaded starfish are a type of starfish. To identify a beaded starfish, look for a yellow in color starfish with fat, spiny looking arms.

Is starfish an insect?

A starfish is not.

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Starfish talk by sending out signals to other starfish.

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are starfish born in a egg

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