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Q: What is a suffixe for the word associate?
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what are a prefixe and a suffixe?

A Prefixe: is a letter or number placed before another. A Suffixe: is a morpheme added at the end of a word to form a derivative, e-g-ation-fy,-ing-itis.

What suffix meaning has the result of an action?

a suffixe and prefixe for the word action is atraction and actioning

C'est quoi le suffixe de négligence?

Le suffixe de négligence c'est -ence. Le suffixe se réfère au résultat d'une action ou bien au domaine d'action. La terminaison de négligence vient du latin -entia.

What does the suffixes mono mean?

its not a suffixe its a prefix and it means one

What is the plural of the word associate?

The plural of the noun associate is associates.

Do you capitalize the word associate in the following Ms Smith associate to Mr Green?

No, the word "associate" should not be capitalized unless it is the first word in a sentence or part of a title. In this case, it should be "Ms Smith, associate to Mr Green."

What is the base word for the word association?


What is the abstract noun for associate?

The abstract noun forms of the verb to associate are association and the gerund, associating.Note: The word 'associate' is also a concrete noun, a word for a person.

What is the plural form of the word associate?

The plural of the noun associate is associates.

What is the word for someone you know business wise?

Associate , as in "business associate" .

What is the prefix for associate?

the prefix for the word associate is UN

The word associate in a sentence?

You didn't say which meaning of the word you want to use. Here are some sentences with some of the possible meanings.This is my associate, Miss. Russell.I don't associate with thieves.He has an associate degree from college.I always associate Fall with Halloween.