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Q: What is a summary of an experiment and its results?
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How do you make conclusions in science fair projects?

You see the results of your experiment, and determine whether your hypothesis was true or false. Then, you write a summary of what you have determined from your experiment.

What is a science fair outline?

A basic summary of what you intend to do as your experiment, your hypothesis of what will happen, what process you will go through to perform the experiment, the data you collect and your results, including if this proved your hypothesis or not, and why.

Where can you find chapters and a summary of Maximum Ride The Angel Experiment?

You can find a summary of Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment on Wikipedia.

In a scientific experiment what is the summary of what you have learned?

The summary is what the result was. Why it mattered, and what it meant.

What is a summary of what you learned from a experiment?


What are the results from an experiment called?

The results of an experiment are called your data.

What results stay the same in an experiment?

controlled results stay the same in an experiment

Which shows that the results of an experiment are reliable?

An experiment in which the results are repeatable....apex

What is a summary you haved learned from an experiment?


What is this called when a summary of what you have learned from an experiment?

a conclusion

When you sum up what is learned in an experiment what is it called?

The outcome of an experiment is a "conclusion", the interpretation of the results compared with the expected results and the goal of the experiment.

What is a disadvantage of an vitro experiment?

A disadvantage of a vitro experiment is that the results can be misleading.