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Q: What is a super easy way to find diamonds on minecraft pe?
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Where can you find diamonds on Minecraft?

The best thing to do is look up seeds to use. They will have all the instructions you need. Just search for "minecraft easy diamonds seed."

Where can you find diamonds in minecraft pe?

you can find diamonds 10 blocks above bedrock

How do you beat the 'diamonds' achievement in Minecraft?

you need to find diamonds and mine it.

Minecraft xbox 360 how to find diamonds?

There are videos available on YOutube from where you can learn how to find diamonds.

Can you find diamonds under the sea in minecraft?


How do you get diamouds on Minecraft?

I find diamonds by mining at bedrock level.

Where can you find diamonds in Minecraft?

between y= 30 and 5

Do diamonds spawn close to redstone in Minecraft?

Yes, I tend to find diamonds near redstone

Can you find amethyst in Minecraft?

No, the only gems in Minecraft as of Beta 1.7.2 are Diamonds and Lapis Lazuli.

How do you find diamonds on Minecraft?

You have to find a cave which goes very deep, then you will randomly find diamonds, often over lava, but you have to go deep!

Where are the diamonds in Minecraft?

Usually im guessing under the Y coordinate 15, you'll find diamonds there.

What is the best strategy to find diamonds in minecraft?

mining at about level 14

How many blocks do I go down on pc to go to find diamonds in minecraft?

You can go down how ever many blocks you want to find diamonds on Minecraft. Minecaft is a well known game.

What is the best layer of a Minecraft world to find diamonds?

Layer 13 or 11

Can you craft diamonds in minecraft?

Yes, you can craft diamonds in Minecraft. To do this, simply place a diamond block on a crafting grid. This will yield nine diamonds. Similarly, you can place nine diamonds on the crafting table, which yields a diamond block. Other than this, there is no other way you can craft diamonds.Note: Diamond blocks are not naturally found in a Minecraft world.Consequently, you need to find diamonds to craft the diamond block to craftthe diamonds.

Is grass the best place to find diamond in minecraft?

No, the best place to find diamonds are on level 10-15.

Can you grow diamond in minecraft?

No, you can't grow diamonds (unless you get a mod, or something that lets you grow it.) The only way to find diamonds is to mine them.

Which is rarer in Minecraft PE diamonds or gold?

Diamonds by a ton... It took me DAYS to find diamond while i found about 10 gold ores.

How do you find emeralds in Minecraft?

They are only in the 1.3.1 update and you have to look for them like you have to look for diamonds :P

What is the best level to find diamonds in minecraft?

Levels 12 and below contain diamond ore.

What does silk touch do in minecraft?

(Example) You have a silk touch iron pick and your in a cave. You find diamonds and mine them, but instead of diamonds, you get diamond ore!

Can you find dimonds in creative mode on minecraft?

Yes. The same way you would find diamonds in survival or hardcore or adventure.

How do you find diamonds in minecraft PC?

by mining underground below layer 16 until you see some.

How many blocks in minecraft pocket edition do you have to dig up to find diamonds?

you have to dig 13 blocks

Is there a video that tells you tips for find diamonds in Minecraft?

See the link in the "Related Links" section below.