What is a supporter soccer ball?


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A supporter soccer ball is your mom


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It isn't called soccer ball because the soccer ball is the ball you use in soccer. See? I have actually heard people call it soccer and soccer ball.

the soccer ball is full of air all you have to do is kick the soccer ball and it rolls

What is the power of the soccer ball

No, because a soccer ball is a hard ball. A kickball is much bigger and softer. Soccer ball is made for soccer. Kickball is made for kickball.

There is no rubber in a soccer ball

There is air inside a soccer ball.

Women's soccer is in a different league to the men's soccer. Women use a soccer ball that is the same size as the men's soccer ball.

That is question explains itself. The soccer ball is used to make the sport of soccer what it is. For without the ball the sport of soccer would not exist. The ball is used to score goals.

well yes a soccer ball with more air will go further than a soccer ball with no air

The soccer ball was invented around 1681

The area of a soccer ball is 300area

A soccer ball is a sphere and, as such, has no edges.

There are squares on a soccer ball net

I think it's a Soccer ball. 70% Sure.

That would depend on the velocity of the soccer ball not at rest.

a bsket ball bounces hightest then come a tennis ball and then a soccer ball

A soccer ball is round, a football is shaped like a lemon. A soccer ball is smooth, a football has some grip. A soccer ball is a lot bigger than a football.

If the foot exerts a force on the soccer ball, then the soccer ball exerts a force of equal strength in the opposite direction of the foot.

A softball is more dense than a soccer ball.

Soccer you use your feet, volleyball you use your hands. In volley ball the ball is mostly in the air, and in soccer, the ball is mostly on the ground.

A soccer ball is a solid; it is filled with gas.

The Speed of a Soccer Ball depends on your kick.

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