What is a swine?


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Swine is another name for hogs and pigs.

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The collective nouns for 'swine' are:a drift of swinea drove of swinea herd of swinea sounder of swinea trip of swine

What is the singular form of swine

Swine is the plural form of swine

a female swine is smaller than a male swine...

No, Swine is not an adjective, it is a noun. Swine is a type of pig.

is the swine flu in Oregon yet is the swine flu in Oregon yet is the swine flu in Oregon yet is the swine flu in Oregon yet

The ISBN of Swine Not? is 0316114022.

SWINE flu..?? That would be a swine, dear (a pig)

It was a swine that got swine flu first.See the related question below for information about the first person with swine flu.

i have no idea wat is nepolian swine

a mature swine is a grown pig

No, she does not have swine flue

The swine flu is PURPLE. :]

PRV in swine is Pseudorabies Vaccine.

yes we are going to get the swine

Swine flu began in China. Pigs (swine ) live with humans thus "swine" flu mutated and transferred to humans.

It is called swine flu because it is believed to have originated in swine, also known as pigs.

The word swine is a collective noun for a type of animal. Swine is singular and plural.

Just because your child has the swine flu, doesn't mean you do. Your child could get the swine flu even if you don't have it currently.

Ivan G. Smith has written: 'The Kansas swine industry' -- subject(s): Economic aspects of Swine, Swine, Swine breeders

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If not treated, swine flu is fatal.

Young swine are called piglets.

A female swine is called a sow.

swine is both the plural and singular

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