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a synchronization manager is a program that can help you synchronizing for ex your computer and a palm The process by which files and programs are transferred between PDAs and PCs.

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Q: What is a synchronization process mean?
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What do you mean by synchronization in operating system?

synchronization mean arrange all process in sequence for that not occured no colusion in the system.

What is the process by which a WSUS server obtains the updates that it will distribute to clients?


Interprocess of synchronization?

Processes might need to communicate to each. Interprocess of synchronization is the?æ management of resource among process. It ensures only a single thread (process) access a resource at a particular time.

What is the difference in deadlock and process synchronization?

A deadlock is a situation whereÊtwo or more competing actions or processes run at the same time while they shouldn't hence no task is either completed, while process synchronization is where two or more process work together concurrently with each other to complete a task.

What is the process of ensuring that two computer devices have the same data?

Synchronization... follow me on twitter Casey Bordwell :p lol

What does the code 54 mean for a 1992 Plymouth Voyager?

I believe that a 54 code is for Turbo only. It may be the synchronization pick up circut. It is not showing a distributor synchronization signal.

How do you use synchronization in a sentence?

synchronization is doing something at the same time

What is synchronization?

Synchronization is the way the device is timed to be in step with the clock (the heart beat).

What is interprocess synchronization?

please do tell me "interprocess synchronization and its need in operating system"

Why current is not concidered while synchronization?

current is load dependent,after synchronization only current will flow

In advance operating system what is process synchronization?

In computer science, especially parallel computing, synchronization means the coordination of simultaneous threads or processes to complete a task in order to get correct runtime order and avoid unexpected race conditions. There are many types of synchronization: * barrier * lock/semaphore * non-blocking synchronization * synchronous communication operations advantages of synchronous communications are * no need of start and stop bits * higher data rates possible * the actual data length need not be fixed

Is deadlock possible if the single process has more than one threads?

Easily, if threads try to access a shared resource without synchronization.

Can you use a song in your movie if I have people singing it with out the music will that be a problem?

You will need a synchronization license from the copyright holder of the song. Because you are not using an existing recording, you won't need a master use license. Synchronization licenses can sometimes be frustrating and expensive to get; it is wise to start early in the process.

Explain why interrupts are not appropriate for implementing synchronization?

Because they are completely unrelated things? Synchronization can be implemented with semaphores or mutexes.

What is synchronization in Unix?

well first off, im not an expert. but for what i know its something like this. synchronization is like keeping access to shared data with locks. learning threads might be good for you to somewhat get a grasp of what synchronization is about.

Define the role of buffering in process synchronization?

Buffering allows data related to the processes in execution to be available faster to the CPU. This is by putting them on smaller, faster memories.

Conditions for synchronizing generators?

There are five conditions that must be met before the synchronization process takes place. The alternator must have equal line voltage, frequency, phase sequence , phase angle and waveform to that of the infinite bus. In the past, synchronization was performed manually using three-lamp method. Nowadays, the process is automatically operated and controlled with the aid of synch relays and micro-electronic systems.

Which option for scheduling the synchronization of an offline web page can you specify using the Scheduled Synchronization Wizard?

At specific times you define

Do you need to get full synchronization in assassin's creed brotherhood?

No getting full synchronization might only give you a few unlockables

Synchronization in operating system?

Synchronization in an operating system refers to the coordination of the events in order to operate a given operating system.

What do you mean by Word synchronization?

It means arranging so that two (or more) events happen at the same time.syn- = same chronos = time.

Which record helps in synchronization of DNS data from primary to secondary?

A second DNS server helps in synchronization of DNS data from primary to secondary.

What is the effect of wrong synchronization?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of synchronization?

The term "synchronization", when discussing Java programming, refers to the mechanism which allows only one thread to access a block of code at a time. The advantage with synchronization is that it prevents data corruption but it also increases the total execution time of a program.

What are the five major activities of an operating system with regard to process management?

a. The creation and deletion of both user and system processes b. The suspension and resumption of processes c. The provision of mechanisms for process synchronization d. The provision of mechanisms for process communication e. The provision of mechanisms for deadlock handling