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When the presence of one chemical enhances the effects of the second.

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Q: What is a synergistic effect?
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What drug interaction is known as the synergistic effect?

When one drug increases the effect of another drug, this is known as a synergistic effect.

What is the synergistic effect of cognitive modeling in human computer interaction?

what is the synergistic effect of cognitive modeling in human computer interaction

When synergistic effect occurs?

When one hormone enhances affect of other it is called synergistic effect as adrenaline and nor adrenaline .

What is synergistic effect?

The synergistic effect is the result of at least two agents or substances that work together. The work produces an outcome all agree upon.

What is the synergistic effect?

The synergistic effect describes a situation in which organic structures interacting results in an overall effect greater than the sum of all of the individual effects. This term can be applied to chemical substances or living organisms.

What type of effect is there when you give Demerol and phenergan?

Synergistic affect

Operation of two or more things to produce a combined effect?


Is The synergistic effect is with each combination each time and each person?


The risk of lung cancer due to asbestos exposures is increased by the synergistic effect of?

The risk of lung cancer due to asbestos exposure is increased by the synergistic effect of smoking. That is, the risk of cancer does not ADD to the risk of smoking, it MULTIPLIES.

What is mean by synergistic effect?

I DO NOT KNOW THATIts when the effect of two chemicals on an organism is greater than the effect of each chemical individually, or the sum of the individual effects. The presence of one chemical enhances the effects of the second. This is called a synergistic effect or synergy, and the chemicals are sometimes described as showing synergism.

What is a synergistic relationship in an information system?

What is a synergistic relationship in an information system?

When was Northwest Synergistic Software created?

Northwest Synergistic Software was created in 1978.

What is an example of synergistic communication?

A good example of synergistic communication is trusting one another. Feeling safe and trusting somebody is using synergistic communication.

What affect can marijuana have on other medicinal agents?

Marijuana is said to exert a synergistic effect with other medicinal agents. When used with nitrous oxide it may enhance the effect.

Can you take Benadryl and xanax together?

absolutely not. the two sedatives will have a synergistic effect. It would be like tripling the dosage of both.

Is it safe to mix Klonopin and lamictal?

Yea I take Lamictal regularly and I'm fine when taking it with Klonopin. Its possible that it has a synergistic effect.

Functions of Latissimus Dorsi?

It helps in flexion from extented position. Also in rotation of shoulder joint along with the synergistic effect on the spine.

When the exposure of two different toxic chemicals produces a more severe effect than either one alone is called?

Synergistic Interaction

What are the benefits of antibiotic resistance?

to treat serious infections before the organism has been identified,to achieve a synergistic effect,to prevent emergence of resistant organism

What is the drug of choice in treating fungal meningitis caused by Cryptococcus neoforman?

Amphotericin B.We can combine this Amphotericin B with Flucystosine or Fluconazole to get a synergistic effect.

What does synergistic effect mean?

The term synergistic effect refers to an amplification that sometimes happens when two phenomena are combined. For example, let us say that you can improve a child's chances of success in life through education, and you can also improve their chances through good nutrition, but if the child has both good nutrition and education, the chances of success are even greater than simply adding the advantages of nutrition and education. They work together to create a synergistic effect. So perhaps there is a 10% improvement with nutrition alone, and another 10% improvement with education alone, but that will become a 50% improvement when both are done simultaneously.

When a driver mixes alcohol or other drugs together it creates a synergistic effect that the user cannot accurately predict. True or False?


What is the medical term meaning Pertaining to working together to provide a larger effect?

Synergistic is the medical term referring to action that is greater than the sum of its parts.

What is synergistic interaction?

it has something to do with your body.

Can you unscramble ycrntgsseii?

The anagram is synergistic.