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What is synonym for merchant? What is synonym for merchant?

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Snobs, broker, merchant, moneybags, operator, and businessperson

A trader is a merchant or businessperson who trades. Dealer is a synonym of trader.

Paypal is an internet merchant account. You can also obtain internet merchant accounts through The Transaction Group, Merchant Group, and Merchant Plus.

Who did merchant work for and why?

no he was not a merchant

The Merchant in The Merchant of Venice is Antonio. Not Shylock. Shylock is a moneylender, a banker and not a merchant or person who buys and sells.

Merchant accounts can be compared on websites like 2013 Best Merchant Services Reviews and comparisons. The top three merchant accounts are Flagship Merchant Services, Merchant Warehouse, and National Bankcard.

Jessica, daughter of Shylock in 'The Merchant of Venice'. Except that Shylock was not a merchant; he was a moneylender. Antonio was the merchant, and he had no children.

A synonym of a synonym is an alternate word for one of the original word's synonyms: A synonym for "abundance" is "plenty." In that sentence the word "abundance" is the original, and "plenty" is the synonym. It follows that a synonym of the synonym is one of the synonyms for the word, "plenty;" for example, "copiousness."

Antonio is the merchant of Venice

There is no synonym for she.

A Merchant Number is usually between 6 and 15 digits long. Examples: Natwest Streamline Merchant Number = 8 digits HSBC Merchant Number = 8 digits Lloyds TSB Cardnet Merchant Number = 15 digits Bank of Scotland Merchant Number = 15 digits Barclays Merchant Services Merchant Number = 7 digits American Express Merchant Number = 10 digits Diners Club Merchant Number = 10 digits JCB (Japan Credit Bureau) Merchant Number = 13 digits Elavon Merchant Number = 10 digits AIB (Allied Irish Bank) Merchant Number = 11 digits Ulster Bank (For Ireland Vendors only) Merchant Number = 8 digits Chase Payment Tech Merchant Number = 6 digits

To apply for a merchant credit card you must be a merchant. You can apply online as long as you comply with all the rules. Becoming a merchant enables you to process credit cards online with a merchant discount.

a merchant is a black dick

objective of merchant banking

merchant means vender / seller

no it is not a synonym

The antonym of the word synonym is antonym.

The antonym for synonym is antonym. Antonym is the word that is opposite of synonym.Antonym IS the antonym of synonym

What do You Mean? If they Offer Merchant account or if they use a merchant account. Yes, they offer different merchant accounts, they are based on what the merchant needs. All accounts offer different services for different needs.

A colonial merchant is a merchant that sold items like spices, food, sugar, and other goods.

To find the merchant in skulldugger island you find the raft and talk to the merchant on the raft

I hope to find a local merchant.An oil tanker could be considered to be a merchantship.

A merchant is a person who buys and sells large quantities of goods. An Italian merchant is a merchant from Italy.

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